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    @Quincunx Thanks for responding. I did the acc at some extent also, so I now have a perfect handling for me, w/o insane speeds (I crash everywhere at those speeds since i don't seem to keep my finger on the trigger not-so-squeezy haha). Thanks for the effort.

    21 September, 2022
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    Thank You this works great for controller, except i don't like those insane speeds personally, I might change that MaxFlatVel in order to tame some beasts, hopefully it will work.

    20 September, 2022
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    If no contacts showing on the phone, make sure that You download LemonUI v 1.5.2 ( from github releases of LemonUI), because that is the last one that has SHVDN2 files. Later version have only SHVDN3. I think you can have both anyway np, but for this to work you NEED LemonUI v1.5.2 and from SHVDN2 folder copy the files in gta/scripts folder.

    14 September, 2022
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    This is beautiful. Thank You.

    13 September, 2022
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    I switched from Menyoo since is old to this one, and it works for me just fine. Regarding temporary hotkeys, I do think that they are meh, if I want to have 5 of them or more, is a pita to go every time i boot the game to the sub sub menus and re set the hotkeys, and also remember where the options are, press F12 set them again. I just want to hop in a spawned vehicle fast with a hotkey. Could we have image previews for the favorite vehicles also maybe and keep the main car lights always on, just a small pet peeve. Other than that, everything is peachy, wonderful trainer I think is the best trainer for me right now. Thank You RampageDev .

    03 September, 2022