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    Hey! i would like to talk to you about some things. Do you have discord?

    01 Disember, 2018
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    I LOVE U. ALL U HAVE TO DO TO BRING IT ONLINE IS REMOVE .YTD. or something like that. its a theme/texture thing. OMG i can troll players and stuff. THX. i would love to donate but dont know how.

    ps. u cant use it online. only if u use a mod menu like absolute vip mod menu.

    16 Julai, 2018
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    I am interested in getting the source code for this menu. if u could reply that would be great. i am willing to do anything for the source. this would be a great start for learning. Please contact me

    28 Jun, 2018
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    @Jitnaught i didnt rate

    23 Jun, 2018