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    I can't believe it took me so long to say thankyou for this mod. I've been using it for years with my little nephew. We've had hours and hours of fun with this mod! Thanks from me and little Johnny!

    5 hari yang lalu
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    @toyota12345 The icons and the men don't show up. I went to the locations from your screenshots and no one was there.

    9 hari yang lalu
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    The crews don't appear at all. Everything is updated and this is the only mod that's not showing up. I could be doing something wrong.

    10 hari yang lalu
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    Just what I needed for this stressful mother's day! Thanks @Hunk for keeping me sane!

    11 Mei, 2020
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    @Hunk Oh, so you can get them to follow you, or drive to a location within sight, gotcha! As far as the hotcoffee scene, it seems to happen when they're in the shower sometimes. To be honest, I think it's not your mod causing that glitch, but one of the several map mods I'm using, because once I put your mod in alone, I haven't been able to recreate the glitch.

    04 Mei, 2020
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    @Hunk, this is your best update! I love the new stuff you've added! The only problem is I still cannot get the friend to drive. They get into the driver seat, I set the waypoint, but they don't go anywhere. Also, during the "hotcoffee" the scene goes under the map where I can't see anything. Is there anyway you could allow a freecam so that the angles aren't locked out? I like to take screenshot pictures. Great job!!

    03 Mei, 2020
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    @Hunk, I'm glad that the driving is fixed, because that's one of the things I dreaded doing since even when you drive good, you get negative rep. Also, could you bring back some of the more free flowing features like; Partying anywhere, sitting on those bean bags, and the random conversations as well? I also miss being able to walk around your girlfriend's apartment, but maybe that change was for the better.Thanks for this amazing mod!

    01 Mei, 2020
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    I love this mod, but I have one criticism. Could you make it so the customers only come up to you one at a time and discretely? It's just a bit unrealistic that so many people would be in on your drug deal with someone else out in public, and full view of each other. Maybe make it so it selects one person until you've sold to them, it doesn't create another customer. Also, I would love to do big drug deals with gang groups that can end ugly when you go to them, so you better have back up. Those are minor critiques, but this is my favorite mod at the moment. Thanks so much @mcal9909!

    30 April, 2020
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    Really sexy! Thanks @Nivinha!

    27 April, 2020
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    Just had to say this mod is AWESOME!!! Thanks!

    18 April, 2020