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    Amazing mod, man! It's been a lot of fun! Thanks!

    13 Jun, 2022
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    @JAM102970, thanks for clearing that up for me! I was trying to hunt down the mod that was causing me to get wanted for getting into my persistence vehicle! I appreciate it!

    02 Febuari, 2022
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    Great mod! The only thing it needs is for the companion to have their own place and a sexual element. Also, when meeting up with the companion they tend to spawn in the middle of the street.

    20 Disember, 2021
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    @mcal9909 I use Dealean's "The Mob" mod and it completely breaks the missions and I fail. For instance there's a mission where you have to show up to escort truck being loaded with god knows what to a destination. The guy loading the truck becomes a customer or a drug dealer and runs off or walks around, thus breaking the mod. I show up to in another mission to do a pickup of an underboss, and he runs off to a drug dealer or becomes a drug dealer and doesn't get in the car to be escorted. It's okay if it's not an easy fix. I love your mod more than the other mods, so I simply removed them when I use your mod.

    31 Oktober, 2021
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    @Whats a Username? No, the problem is the mission character becomes a drug dealer thus ruining other mods. Say you're using "The Mob" mod and you're supposed to go meet someone in one of the missions, when you get there one of the mission characters either becomes a drug dealer or a customer. It renders other mods with missions unplayable.

    30 Oktober, 2021
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    I love this mod but it really interferes with other mods. For instance if I'm doing a mission for another mod, the character generated for the mission will become a drug dealer or customer and ruin it by generating errors. Maybe we should be able to toggle the mod on and off. Don't get me wrong, this is my favorite mod.

    26 Oktober, 2021
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    The access menu button "D-pad left" dismisses the companion. You changed it so it wouldn't happen again, why did you change it back? @HKH191

    30 September, 2021
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    Here are some bugs:

    1.The small map disappears a lot with this mod.

    2.The Player gets stuck a lot after activities are over.

    3.Hard to initiate activities because it uses the same button as dismissal of your companion.

    4.Picking up your companion at their house for a date causes you to spawn outside of your vehicle you arrived in, and it continues on it's own. (It ran over the companion a few times)

    5. During stripping in the apartment, the companion automatically puts her clothes back on midway through the dance because she goes outside of the pink circle boundary. (This also sorely needs music like the Buddy Control mod.)

    6.During woohoo on the couch, both the player and companion clip through the couch. Maybe move the woohoo to the bedroom which where they end up anyway. (also, can we hear the girl and the guy and not just the guy during woohoo?)

    7.The pathing for the companion has them running into walls and not able to negotiate simple obstacles, like hopping a fence or even climbing out of the water.


    1.Allow the companion to come to you after a certain level (similar to buddy control mod)

    2.Make the controls configurable.

    3.Make a menu that can change the settings in game instead of having to load out of the game in order to change them via notepad.

    4. Make it so we can add voices to the mpPeds.

    5.During 'Holding' the companion, move her up a few inches so that the hand doesn't clip into the model while they walk together.

    I absolutely love a lot of the innovations you've made with this mod! I've been playing with it most of the day, and love the bike riding, the arm wrestling, the car driving, and the lore friendly progression of the relationship. You're doing a great job! Thanks for your hard work!

    26 September, 2021
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    I sorted it out! I used simple native trainer and enabled mp maps and it worked! Great mod @HKH191!

    24 September, 2021
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    The settings for Enable All Interiors won't change no matter what I do. I change the settings in the .ini file to load mp interiors on reload, but after I reload all of the scripts it goes back to it's original presets. I even attempted it in game with the contact on the phone, and the settings go back to "false" for the 'loading mp interiors'. This is why the interiors won't load.

    23 September, 2021