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    @Siprus Where we can find the updated version?

    18 Oktober, 2019
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    Anyone can help me with license plates? I need to leave only GTA style license plates for my FiveM server, so everyone can see the registration. Now I have variations - from NO plates at all, to custom PRIOR plate or just sometimes the GTA style with the registration. Where I can tweak that, so only GTA style appears every time?

    22 Febuari, 2019
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    missing ... Anyone can help? Amazing car, but glitchy in my FivbeM server, probably due to this missing file???

    19 Febuari, 2019
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    I got error trying to spawn the car:
    Physics validation failed for asset blista2.ytf
    This asset is **INVALID**. Please, remove it, or fix the exporter used to export it.
    Details: Poly 0 edge reference is invalid. It leads to vertex 14, when there are only 10 vertices.

    May I ask for previous version of the MOD, maybe it will work for me...

    14 Febuari, 2019