All The Offroad Cars Handling v1.8


Notes: This is not meant to be a realistic mod. The Blackfin is has broken suspension and I don't know why or how to fix it

This mod raises and softens the suspension of all land vehicles excluding bikes and tracked vehicles and increases the acceleration and top speed of all vehicles including bikes and planes to a semi-realistic level although, due to the amount of time it takes to adjust and test every vehicle, some vehicles are a little less refined but almost all vehicles are completely stable at the higher speed and don't fall over all the time in corners.

Some of the trucks etc might fall over under sustained cornering but with a bit of relatively careful driving it shouldn't be a major issue.

Don't expect top speeds and acceleration of the vehicles to perfectly match their real life equivalents as it would take a very long time to get them all right and this isn't meant to be a perfectly realistic mod but feel free to mess around with the values to try and get the handling and speed to your liking.

Installation instructions in Read Me.

Also if you do not like these handling mods, don't download them. Don't go in the comments telling me to stop making them because I won't stop making them as some people do like these mods. Feedback is welcome and I will try to address all requests.

V1.0: Only vehicles in basic game are affected. DLC vehicles to come in later updates

V1.1: Added the Christmas 2 (Slamvan, Ratloader 2, Massacro 2 & Jester 2) and Halloween (Lurcher & B-Type 2) and made a few adjustments to the original file.

V1.2: Added the Heist vehicles and made various improvements to the previous files.

V1.3: Added the Lowrider and Ill Gotten Gains I cars and made a few more adjustments to the earlier files.

V1.4: Added Ill Gotten Gains II and Beach Bum vehicles.

V1.5: Added Business Updates 1 & 2 vehicles and made some more improvements to previous files.

V1.6: Added I'm Not A Hipster Update and Independence Day vehicles.

V1.7: Added LTS and Flight School Update vehicles.

V1.8: Added SPUpgrade vehicles and the Roosevelt.
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