Blaine County Golf Cart with License Plate 1.0

020918 grand theft auto v 08.12.2017
020918 grand theft auto v 08.12.2017
020918 grand theft auto v 08.12.2017


Hey Everyone,

So I got tired of filming my LSPDFR Episodes for My YouTube and seeing all the Golf Carts out in Blaine County with no license plates on them (Real ones anyways)and having a valid reason to pull them over for it.

Where I live in Southern California there is a law that allows you to register your golf cart to use on city streets however its only in certain cities that it is allowed (Mostly Older/Senior Living Communities) and you see the things all the time at the grocery store and being driven around town by older folks but with obvious restrictions (No Freeways, Blocking Lanes or Flow of Traffic).

So This is a Real Simple Edit. Just add's a License Plate on the back and front of the caddy2 model. It is also added as an extra so sometimes you will see vehicles in violation of it (May have to change the car variation file to get it to work properly).

Model is unlocked because not much was done to create this.
Vehicle Left Unlocked
Edit Made by Thero
Original Model by Rockstar Games.
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