Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat



-working gauges
-collision reworked
-now enterable for 2 persons
-working flight stick

-not documented/unreleased

-added NAV lights which will light up at nigh (blue and red, see last pic)

-Proper COL files
-right missile will now fire forward instead of sidewards when the wings are swept

inital release

Take it to the Danger Zone!

The F-14 Tomcat is one of the most iconic aircraft in the US Navy inventory. Now you can take it to the skies over Los Santos.
The mod has several features, including working gear and geardoors, moving control surfaces, a detailed cockpit and the wings can be swept back as well (You can only do it manually and need a Trainer for that. Open the left and right rear door and tada).
It also comes with livery ability and 6 different skins.

And I also know that not everything is working like in real life (talking about the flaps I have made as ailerons in particular), but I did the best I could.

Textures, model reworking, converting:

Thanks to:

-for some ZM3 advice.

Full credits in the Read Me File

I'm planning on releasing more jets and aircraft (Next project will be either the T-50 Pak Fa, F-15C Eagle, A-10A Thunderbolt II, AC-130U Spooky II or Boeing 757-200 with livery support)).
If you like my work and want to see more, please show your support by either donating or visiting my YouTube channel. It helps me affording ZM3, every cent helps :D
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