Mercedes-AMG M279 V12 Engine Sound [OIV Add On / FiveM | Sound] 1.0 SP Add On


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To ensure that you only get files that you can use, I am distributing a SP DLC and FiveM Resource package separately. Please look at the 'All Versions' section to choose the FiveM version, as the green Download button defaults to the SP DLC version.

Before you start requesting something in the comments, I only take discussed paid/trade requests as I have limited time to produce these mods. You may inquire in my DIscord server linked in this description.

For my consolidated sound DLC package which you can also manually install this individual sound DLC to, see here.

== Mod Info ==
Mercedes-AMG M279 Twin-Turbocharged V12 Engine Sound v1.0
Freelance (not requested) made by: Aquaphobic

Credits: Monky, 3P1C, w/, Met, InfamousSabre
Main Basis:
Recommended usage:

== Description ==
This mod implements (without replacments!) a custom/heavily modified engine/exhaust audio, which can be loaded onto any vehicle by using "mercm279" in the vehicles.meta audioNameHash.

Contains 2 AWC files which are "mercm279.awc" and and an NPC/outside version along with custom DAT151 and DAT54 files used for audio configuration.

This mod does not use any samples that are not provided by the vanilla game, but rather contains remixed versions of existing samples. That being said, 3rd-party samples may be used for audio that is unrelated to the granular accel/decel, such as start up and idle samples, if you wish.

Code is open-source and unencrypted for those who want to edit it for personal use or to learn from it, however I do NOT tolerate reuploads without my explicit permission.


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== Installation ==
Installation instructions and additional info are in the readme.txt and other txt files.
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