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This mod transforms the National Office of Security Enforcement from simple tactical units (TRU) and almost nonexistent Patriotism and Immigration Authority (PIA) into a proper law enforcement agency.


Tactical Response Unit (TRU)
- Tactical Response
- Riot Control

Patriotism and Immigration Authority (PIA)
- Patriotism Enforcement
- Customs and Immigration Bureau (based on ICE ERO)
- Border Patrol

Security Enforcement Police (SEP)
- Patrol
- Investigation Division (based on ICE HSI)

Transportation Security Service (TSS)
- Transportation Security
- Aviation Regulation and Security Enforcement (based on Federal Air Marshal Service)

National Coast Guard (NOOSE CG)

Crime Scene Services (NOOSE CSS)
- Office of the Medical Examiner
- Forensic Science Unit

Hazardous Materials Unit (NOOSE Hazmat)

Emergency Response and Management Administration (ERMA)
- Medical Services
- Disaster Response Team
- Fire and Rescue Services


- NOOSE SEP Cruiser
- NOOSE TSS ARSE Dilettante
- NOOSE TSS Granger
- NOOSE TRU Granger
- NOOSE PIA Granger
- NOOSE SEP Maverick
- NOOSE TRU Frogger
- NOOSE TRU Transporter
- NOOSE CG Predator
- NOOSE CG Annihilator
- NOOSE CG Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat
- NOOSE CG Cargobob
- NOOSE CG Granger
- NOOSE PIA Transporter
- NOOSE CSS Burrito
- NOOSE CSS Towtruck
- NOOSE CG Swift
- NOOSE Hazmat Van
- NOOSE Mobile Command Brickade
- NOOSE PIA Ultralight
- NOOSE SEP Granger
- NOOSE Hazmat Boxville
- NOOSE Unmarked Cruiser
- NOOSE Unmarked Buffalo
- NOOSE ERMA Ambulance
- NOOSE ERMA Granger
- NOOSE PIA Border Patrol Granger


- 4 TRU Officers
- 1 TRU Riot Control Officer
- 1 Pilot

- 2 Patrol Officers
- 3 Special Agents

- 2 Patriotism Enforcement Officers
- 1 Customs and Immigration Bureau Agent
- 1 Border Patrol Officer

- 2 Transportation Security Officers
- 1 Aviation Regulation and Security Enforcement Agent

- 1 Coast Guard Officer

- 1 Medical Examiner
- 2 Forensic Science Unit Workers

- 1 Hazmat Worker

- 1 Medical Services Paramedic
- 1 Disaster Response Team Officer


- OpenIV
- SirenSetting Limit Adjuster
- Gameconfig (1.0.28..) for Limitless Vehicles

Siren id: 7090, 7095, 7099, 7080, 7081, 7082, 7083, 7084


In Read Me.


loadouts.meta & pedpersonality.ymt
- WSE: Federal Enforcement YES
- WSE: Revamped YES


- You may edit the files.
- This mod is exclusive for download at
- You're allowed to use assets from this modification for your own mods, so long as you provide proper credits and a link to this mod.

Change log:

Added a new agency:
Emergency Response and Management Administration: (based on FEMA)
- ERMA Medical Services (based on NDMS, DMORT, and DMAT)
- ERMA Disaster Response Team
- ERMA Fire and Rescue Services (based on USAR and U.S. Fire Administration)
Agency update:
NOOSE PIA Agencies (new) :
- U.S. Border Patrol
NOOSE CSS Agencies (new) :
- Office of the Medical Examiner
- Forensic Science Unit

Added a new NOOSE ERMA Ambulance.
Added a new NOOSE ERMA Granger.
Added a new NOOSE PIA Border Patrol Granger.
Updated the NOOSE Hazmat Van livery.
Updated the NOOSE Hazmat Boxville livery.
Updated the NOOSE SEP Maverick livery.

Added a CSS Technician.
Added a TSS 2 officer.
Added a suit wearing NOOSE Agent.
Added an ERMA Medical Services paramedic.
Added an ERMA Disaster Response Team officer.
Added a TRU 4 officer.
Added a PIA 2 officer.
Added a PIA Border Patrol officer.
Updated the NOOSE Pilot.
Updated the SEP Agent 1.
Updated the PIA CIB agent .

Added a Dispatch V4 to the "Dispatch" folder:
- Dispatch v4
Updated the "loadouts.meta" and "pedpersonality.ymt" files:
NOTE: V10.0 "dispatch.meta", "loadouts.meta", and "pedpersonalities.ymt", V11.0 "loadouts.meta", "pedpersonalities.ymt", and V11.0 'NOOSEpackMap' files are located in the "Backup" folder.

Added scenarios:
- LSIA Runway - NOOSE Pilots
- N.O.O.S.E. - PIA, SEP, SEP Investigation Division, PIA CIB Agents
NOTE: The scenarios are buggy. (the game is not using the vanilla version but rather the versions in 'NOOSEpackMap').
- Possible duplication of scenario spawns (e.g. two helicopters flying over the terminal/trying to land on the same helipad, two Ripleys following the same path, instead of two cops walking the beat it's four)
- Some NOOSE Officers running away when you gain a wanted level.
- Distant explosions (rare)
Added the V11.0 version of 'NOOSEpackMap' in the backup folder.

Added the NOOSE Unmarked Cruiser.
Added the NOOSE Unmarked Buffalo.
Added the NOOSE Hazmat Boxville.
Updated the NOOSE TRU Frogger livery.
Changed the name of the Annihilator to NOOSE PIA Annihilator.

Added a NOOSE Pilot.
Updated the SWAT model.
Updated the TRU 1 model.
- TRU 1 will spawn with a helmet when dispatched (high probability).
Updated the TRU 3 model.
- TRU 3 will spawn with a helmet when dispatched (high probability).
- The game no longer crashes when dispatching TRU 3 officers.
Updated the PIA CIB agent.
Updated the SEP Special Agent 2 model.
Updated the SEP 2 model.
Updated the SEP 1 model.
Added an alternate version of the SWAT model (different pants & tactical leg holster).
(SWAT Alternate (V11.0) is an optional file you can use to replace the 10.0 version already in the mod)

Changed the weapons given to the player upon entering vehicles.
Created a new "Dispatch" folder:
- Dispatch Riot
- Dispatch V1
- Dispatch V2
- Dispatch V3
Updated the "loadouts.meta" and "pedpersonality.ymt" files.
NOTE: V10.0 "dispatch.meta", "loadouts.meta", and "pedpersonalities.ymt" files are located in the "Backup" folder.
Added a .ymap file that spawns vehicles included in this mod at specific locations:
- LSIA (runway)
- LSIA (NOOSE Field Office)
- N.O.O.S.E.

Agency update:
NOOSE PIA Agencies:
- Patriotism Enforcement
- Customs and Immigration Bureau
NOOSE SEP Agencies:
- Patrol
- Investigation Division

Added the NOOSE SEP Granger.
Added the NOOSE PIA Ultralight.
Changed the NOOSE SEP Transporter to NOOSE PIA Transporter.
Added "U.S." in front of "Patriotism and Immigration Authority" on the Annihilator, NOOSE PIA Granger, NOOSE PIA Transporter, and NOOSE PIA Ultralight.
Updated the livery on the NOOSE SEP Cruiser (now HQ).
Updated the livery on the NOOSE CG Granger.
Updated the livery on the NOOSE CG Predator.

Removed Specagent 1 and Specagent 2.
Added an ARSE agent.
Added a PIA Customs and Immigration Bureau agent.
Added SEP Special Agents.
Updated the Coast Guard ped.
Updated the TRU 3 model.
Updated the SWAT model.
- Spawns with a helmet and a gas mask.
- Model is a combination of TRU 1 and TRU 3. (design inspired by GTA IV NOOSE TRU ped)

Added a "SWAT Backup" file.
- Contains the SWAT ped from version 9.0. (In the event the new model causes a crash)
Note: The new 10.0 SWAT model contains a helmet and a helmet-gas mask as part of the model (not props). The mod has been tested numerous times and there have been no crashes.

Added a new agency: NOOSE Hazmat Unit

Added the NOOSE Hazmat Van.
Added the NOOSE Mobile Command Brickade.
Added a Coast Guard Swift (NOOSE CG Swift).

Added a NOOSE CSS Assistant.
Added a NOOSE Hazmat worker.
Updated the SEP 2 model.
Updated the TRU 3 model.
Updated the TSS model.
Updated the PIA model.

Added a new agency: NOOSE Crime Scene Services

Added the NOOSE CSS Burrito.
Added the NOOSE CSS Towtruck.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE TRU Transporter.

Updated the SEP 1 model.
Updated the TSS model.
Updated the TRU 1 model.
Added a NOOSE Riot Control officer.
Added a NOOSE CSS Investigator.

Removed the "Dispatch.meta with TRU 3" folder.
Modified the "dispatch.meta" file.
Added a "Dispatch Riot" folder.
- Instead of the LSPD, LSSD, NOOSE SEP, and NOOSE PIA, it dispatches NOOSE TRU Riot Control Teams (helicopters, TRU armed units, roadblocks, and Coast Guard respond normally).

Modified the "pedpersonality.ymt" and "loadouts.meta" files.

Added the NOOSE SEP Transporter (a detainee transport van).
Added the NOOSE Riot.
Added a Coast Guard Granger (NOOSE CG Granger).

Removed the original SEP 2 officer.
Replaced the SEP 2 officer model with the TRU 2 model.
Removed the TRU 2 officer.
Added a new TRU officer. (TRU 3)

Modified the "dispatch.meta".

Known issues:
Small possibility of a crash during a 4 or 5 star wanted level. (unknown cause)
(If you find the crashes annoying (or frequent) try replacing the
"Dispatch.meta with TRU 3" with "Dispatch.meta without TRU 3" (if you are using the "dispatch.meta" provided with this mod))

Added a new agency: National Coast Guard
IRL the U.S. Coast Guard operates under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during peacetime.
The National Coast Guard operating under NOOSE is based on that fact.

Added the NOOSE CG Annihilator.
Added the NOOSE CG Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat.
Added the NOOSE CG Cargobob (it floats).
Renamed the NOOSE Transporter to NOOSE TRU Transporter.
Renamed the NOOSE Predator to NOOSE CG Predator.
Renamed the NOOSE Maverick to NOOSE SEP Maverick.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE CG Predator.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE TRU Transporter.

Added a new slightly modified version of the Coast Guard ped.
Changed the textures on the second SEP model.
Added a N.O.O.S.E. patch to the first TRU model.

Modified the "dispatch.meta".
Removed the optional "peds.meta".
Installing the "pedpersonality.ymt" and "loadouts.meta" files is required for the mod to work properly. (Create backups of these files.)

Added the NOOSE Transporter.
Added the NOOSE Predator.

Changed the patches on the vanilla NOOSE TRU officer from POLICE/FIB to N.O.O.S.E.

Added "weapons.meta" and "pickups.meta".

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
Introducing the Tear Gas Launcher.

The weapon is given to the player upon entering a NOOSE Transporter.

Or spawn it in by typing its model name:
in Read Me.

- No HUD icon
- Possibility of it despawning from your inventory.

Make backups of your "weapons.meta" and "pickups.meta".

-Added a new vehicle: NOOSE Frogger

-Modified dispatch.meta.
-Added a new pedpersonality.ymt.
-Added a new loadouts.meta.
-All of the other changes and additional info are listed in Read Me.

-Added a new field agent.
-Added a new TRU officer.
-Added a dispatch.meta. At three stars and above SEP responds in the city while PIA responds in the country (there are also PIA and SEP roadblocks). At four stars and above TRU officers respond in the NOOSE Maverick. At five stars TRU officers respond in the NOOSE TRU Granger.
-Fixed a bug with the NOOSE SEP Cruiser.

-Initial Release
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