Realistic handling for aircraft 1.0

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Hello everyone !
I have recently spent a lot of energy studying the handling data of the GTA5 aircraft to make the driving more and more realistic. Fortunately, most of the problems have been solved. After the data is modified, the current aircraft is faster and more realistic, and the driving is more complicated. .It won't be as sensitive as before. Some large aircraft will have a wheel lift action before takeoff, and will only fly at full force when the angle of attack reaches a certain level. When you lower the landing gear (open the flaps), the speed of the aircraft is greatly reduced and the rate of descent is greatly increased, you not only need to control the aircraft to align with the runway, but also need to constantly pull the joystick to adjust the attitude of the aircraft so that the main wheel touches the ground first. I would love to share this data with you .


This mod is divided into two parts. The first part is handling data, all data are modified based on the mods of @SkylineGTRFreak and @Reacon.The second part is the weapon pack, why is there a weapon pack, Because the speed of the modified fighter is much faster than the missile of the original data, when the fighter launche the missile, the missile is left behind which looks ridiculous ,So I extracted some weapons from the SkylineGTRFreak's mod modified the parameters and reintegrated them.

aircraft handling included:
EF-2000 (Old version, if you use the new version, you need to modify the weapon parameters yourself, you can find it on other websites)
F-14A (Old version,you can find it on other websites)
C-17 (you can find it on other websites)
A400M (you can find it on other websites)
B747-8i (you can find it on other websites)
B767-300 (you can find it on other websites)
B787-800 (made by Reacon)
A310-300 (you can find it on other websites)
A330-900neo (you can find it on other websites)
MD-11 (you can find it on other websites)
Dassault Falcon 7X (you can find it on other websites)
Gulfstream IV

Some data may be universal, such as A330neo and A330-300, crj900 and A320series or 737series, I haven't tried it, can't be sure, I will update when I rest

weapon included:


I would strongly recommend four plugins to be used together with this mod:
1. gdfGDS44's SpeedUnleash [Vehicle speed limit remover] The speed of some fighters can reach 900KM/H
2. SonofUgly's No Boundary Limits Allows you to have a wider flight space and a more generous approach distance
3. XMOD's Flight Speedometer V Provides the aircraft's heading and rate of descent, essential for approach
4. Aquaphobic's Custom Aircraft Engine Sounds Give you an immersive experience


Thanks for SkylineGTRFreak and Reacon exquisite mods and the plugin support of the above four authors. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Please support me if you like it !
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