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Tampa X wildbody

21th mod of team Ydrop

Well, your are now confined and in the garage there is a V6 from an Annis ZR380 laying in a corner as well as some Animo part to upgrade it, metal sheets, enough material to build a chassis frame from scratch, some random OEM japanes cars parts... Popup light from an Hakumai for exemple, and 4 huge unused wheels with good tires. Alright, pretty good start. Lets check this shelf in the back of the garage. A bench of big snail, Two truck compressors and a load of performance part. In fact, enough to build a drift or a race car.... You might be able to do something, right ? If only you had a car to put everything together...
Oh Wait ! Wasnt there the Grandpa old Tampa sleeping in the back of the garden for ages ?
Hmmmm... Nothing wrong can be done with all that, i'm sure...

1.0 : release

features :

- Fully working custom dial cluster
- loads tuning part (body part are mostly just material variation)
- custom dirt map
- fully custom and animated engine
- full custom strip interior and chassis
- animated fan on the radiator
- some few extra (mirrors, hanging 8 ball, front plate, fuel can and bag in the trunk, stock sun strip, speedtraps decal, carbon interior floor)
- inclued my personal model with 4 differents wheels (not changeable)
- pop up headlights. (yes. on a Tampa.)
- custom bonnet/trunk opening
- custom sound (thx to tepig)
- livery as tuning part (template inclued, but you need a bit of knoweldge to add them)
- inclued a menyoo file for my character personal build

- no lods. for me it's not usefull on this car, obviously you'll not put it in traffic. do it yourself if realy you want them. GL HF.
- no breakable glass, it's on purpose.

also make sur to check out this
a spare livery by CRIXU

instal in the read me !

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your contry

livery by :

Ydrop Player 2, by Ydrop Player 2
redwood, fixup, ltd, pibwasser, rust, by Player 3 (love you man)
MMT garage racing, by MMTGarage

Pictures :

Player 1, BB20, Sushi, NastyWiNN3R, DeejayJeanP
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