Volvo V70 British Police [ELS | Replace | Template] 1.0

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Hey guys,
So I made an Volvo V70 Police vehicle, the model I've gained from BritishGamer88, This unit has a fully working ELS.

Replaces Police2.

!!!!License plates are added in the file, screenshots are old!!!!
Install Police2 in : mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday11ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
Install the ELS Config files in the els folder with the other VCF's


Original Model - Humster3D
Plates - Luke Brazier
Converted to GTAIV - BritishGamer88
Converted to GTAV - BritishGamer88
Window Template - BritishGamer88
Grill Light's - Vertex
Led Lights - coopercm
Edits/Fixes - BritishGamer88
Skins - BritishGamer88
Rims - Unknown
Side Bumper Lights: Vertex
Whelen Liberty Model: ObsidianGames
Whelen Liberty Textures: ObsidianGames
Pertama dimuat naik: 11 Januari, 2017
Tarikh Kemaskini: 11 Januari, 2017
Last Downloaded: 22 hours ago

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  • 87dd60 logo

    waarom zit er een template bij mensen mogen toch niks van jou skinnen dan haal je rappo er bij ;)

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 0f7341 world mc 2016
    World MC

    @firedognl dit model is vrij om te skinnen en doen, anders had ik het er wel in neer gezet :)

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 87dd60 logo

    vorige keer had je het ook niet neergezet bij de bmw en toch kreeg ik een claim

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 0f7341 world mc 2016
    World MC

    @firedognl lieverd, het was toen toch allemaal geregeld :)

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 144bec sneezing linus

    is this a locked model?

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 3e77b6 ukip me

    how is it british with red and blue lights not just rear reds front should be all blue for this reason I can not give this file a high rating as not what it states it to be!

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 29c8d0 pp

    @patvmru OMG, this are called WARNING lights for warning for an accident, a control... pls if you dont know what is it, dont rate

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 09fdec logo

    @patvmru It is all blue apart from the rear reds? Just the visual mod used in the screenshots makes it the red look more spread out than it really is.

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 940247 bmw uk police livery 1 830x450

    @patvmru YOU are an IDIOT!!!!

    Nice Model.

    11 Januari, 2017
  • 3e77b6 ukip me

    well was blue and red like default cars in game for me when I loaded it

    12 Januari, 2017
  • Default

    great car! would it be possible to get a civilian model? I hate the lack of civilian volvos.

    13 Januari, 2017
  • 5656e6 img 3215

    @patvmru you need to install ELS then.

    13 Januari, 2017
  • 6751a7 pack

    There is no ELS file inside the download ..?

    19 April, 2017
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