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So I was driving around Los Santos when I noticed that the highways seemed a bit dark at night and bare at day. Because of this, I have decided to make a mod using the Map editor mod that lightens up the roads throughout the map and adds more scenery.

When in game, if you press F7 and go to settings, you can change the prop draw distance which allows you to see props from further away. (This is part of the Map Editor mod which my map mod requires)
Installation Instructions:

1. Download and install the Map Editor Mod - (Installation Instructions should be on the page for that mod)

2. If you want the mod to load automatically every time you load GTA 5, create a folder in "Grand Theft Auto V\Scripts\" named "AutoloadMaps" and copy BetterRoads0.3.5.xml into that folder.

If not, then copy BetterRoads0.3.5.xml into your Grand Theft Auto V directory. If you do this, whenever you want to use the mod, you will need to press F7 (in GTA 5), click "load map", click "XML" and type in "BetterRoads0.3.5"



0.1 - Added streetlights and some trees to Tonga Dr and lit up part of the rapids at Tonga Valley. (ORIGINAL VERSION)

0.2 - Fixed floating streetlights, removed streetlights on one side of the road at Tonga Dr, made street lights that are added in the mod less frequent. Added more streetlights (Will list roadnames in the future)

0.3 - Made the lights less frequent (again), added more lights near Lago Zancudo, added a few dynamic trees next to Tonga Dr.

0.3.5 - Lights are no longer on the road, made some lights on Tonga Dr alternating as a test.
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