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This mod adds more scenery to the fuelstations and now also for the LS Custom Shops. This map mod combines very well any fuel mod and is finally available for ymap. The map mod adds mechanics, toolboxes, oils, more peds, compressors, fueldrums and other scenery to the fuel stations. This is a big map file, it took me alot of work to make it, because I made it for all the car fuelstations and now also for the LS Custom Shops, boat, heli and airport refuel stations. I hope you like it!

Latest version of Map Editor 2.15 by Guad & Oldnapalm
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

OmegaKingMods Map Builder

Map Builder is only required for the Motorboat Edition. You can use the latest free version of MBIV Redux (4.1)
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

Or the older Map Builder Community 1.04 SP
Don't forget to add the line for Map Builder into your dlclist!

If the game crashes on loading screen then use a custom gameconfig. The latest Map Builder will probably provide you also with a gameconfig if you install the latest version with the OIV Package file. Here are some other gameconfigs you can probably use to run GTA5 with mods.

Gameconfig (1.0.28..) for Limitless Vehicles V30

Gameconfig Tuners Update by Dilapidated

An Objectlist that contains the Map BuilderIV, Biker and Import & Export Props, Special Races, Gunrunning, Smugglers Run and The Doomsday Heist DLC props. [one is added in the download]

Get also the Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.

For realism you can download a fuel mod, i recommend;

Fuel Reloaded 3.1.2

Lefix Simple Fuel or

Advanced Fuel Mod 1.4

MrChazta Smart Fuel V [needs to be fixed]

Mrchazta I Fuel [needs to be fixed]

Then create in scripts a new folder called Autoloadmaps, put here your map and your xml map will load automaticly. You can also load mapfiles manual by putting your map files in the base directory, press [F7] to enter Map Editor, go to load map and type "fuel".
Changes 1.1

Added more peds & some more items, added choppers instead of the modern ones for that station, corrected some bugs and the fuel stations west of Los Santos has now mechanics and peds too. I think I can't add more peds into this mod because of the limitations of Map Editor. I try later to add some more items if it's possible. If the file is not loading correct with Autoloadmaps try then to load it manual and type "fuel".
Changes 1.2

The file will now load fine with Autoloadmaps.
Changes 1.3

On request by mrchazta to update the fuelstations map, i added now also scenery for the helipads and airfields. They have now also fueltanks, landing places and fuel-storage props. I also made a new fuel station for the one in the Paleto forest and fixed some bugs & made some better changes. Put this file in your autoloadmaps folder and it will runs fine.
Changes 1.4

In this version you will find many changes, it has now Import & Export props, so you will see better toolbenches, special garages with custom autoparts, carjacks, compressors etc.I reduced the amount of peds, so you'll see less ghost cars driving around. Added light to the cafe gasstation, added doors to the helicopter fuelstation, replaced most of the tool benches with better ones. To get all the new objects you must use a objectlist with the new import & export dlc or use my objectlist [included in file], place this in your scripts folder. This map can be used with Autoloadmaps.
Changes 1.5 Motorboat Edition

Ahoy!, the 1.5 mapmod adds scenery to the boat refueling locations. You will now see jerrycans, barrels, landingstages, toolkits and other props @t the boat refuel points across the map. This 1.5 map is intended for to use with MrChazta Smart fuel or I Fuel mod, because these are the only fuel mods that have boat refuel locations. The 1.4 version of Populated Fuelstations contains no boat re-fueling props and can be used with other fuel mods like Lefix Simplefuel.
Changes 1.6 LS Customs

You can now access the LS Custom Shops with markers. The shops have now additional tools and other details. There are 5 shops in the game, look for the paintbrush icon on your map to find them. This map contains also the boat refuel points. Have a nice ride;-)
Changes 1.7 ymap Edition

All Fuelstations are adapted for the ymap version, most objects are now dynamic and interact with the player in the gameworld.
Extra Information:

Alive & City ymap pack [has all the maps in packs for the game]

You can also use Jedijosh920 sitting mod to sit on a bench.

Use this mod for real Working Hotdog Vendors by Jedijosh920
I would like to know if the Smart Fuel Mod V [Pertamina] 21.0 still works on game version 1.0.1365.1. I get a crash when i want to get out of the car. I have a temporary fix; If you want to leave the car just pres f7 to enter Map Editor, now you can get outside of the car without crashing the game.

Note; If you use mrchazta "Smart Fuel Mod" and you getting on a boat then sometimes the mod starts to flash, you can simple fix this to enter a land vehicle first and then go for a water vehicle. Then the smart fuel mod returns normal again.

Ymap Included
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