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    @BuiltForTheKill No problem. I like to help out anyone with issues whenever possible.

    18 Mei, 2020
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    @DiegoRX If that Add-on is the one causing you memory errors then that might be the problem. Follow the instructions I gave you above and reinstall the train mod and see what happens. If it still give you memory errors uninstall the mod and test the game again. If the game works fine afterwards without the mod then the problem is the Add-on.

    18 Mei, 2020
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    @DiegoRX What you mean "train"? You mean the trainer like Native trainer, simple trainer, Menyoo etc..? Trainers have nothing to do with memory errors in gta 5. Are you sure you followed all the instructions I posted above? Let me simplify the steps for you here, follow these steps and see what happens:

    1. First, make sure you have a solid gameconfig installed. I don't recommend the gameconfigs from Dilapidated, for some reason those gameconfigs have never worked well in my game. The gameconfig I recommend are the ones from F7YO. Pick any you want from the folder and swap it with whatever gameconfig you currently have. Here's the link for F7YO's gameconfigs >

    2. Open up the HeapAdjuster.ini and increase the value to 1200

    3. After that, download and install the Packfile Limite Adjuster by Unknown Modder >

    4. After you do that go to the gameconfig.xml (the one from F7YO), open it up in OpenIV and find this line: <ArchiveCount>. Once you find it take a look at the value. For example, let's say the value is 3160, what you're gonna do you're gonna multiply that value (or whatever value you see there) by 2 and then you're gonna open up the PackfileLimiteAdjuster.ini and enter that amount where it says: packfile_list_size. DO NOT CHANGE THE AMOUNT IN THE GAMECONFIG! Only make the change in the PackfileLimitAdjuster.ini.

    5. Make sure there's enough virtual memory available in your system. I recommend you do that too unless your PC already has enough virtual memory allocated for programs. GTA V is a memory hungry game that's why sometimes you also have to increase your system's virtual memory. When extra memory is needed the system automatically acquires part of the hard drive to effectively expand the RAM. If it's showing too low you can increase it manually. First check how much virtual memory your system has allocated for programs.

    * Right click on the "Windows" logo, click on System > Storage > click on "System & reserved". Take a look at how much your system has allocated for Virtual memory. If your virtual memory is too low then go to: Control Panel > System > Advanced System settings > on the window that pops up click on "Settings" in the "Performance" section then click on "Advanced" tab. Make sure performance is adjusted for "Programs" not "Background services" then click on the "Change..." tab.

    * On the next window that pops up, uncheck the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" box. Once you do that you can assign virtual memory manually. You should also be able to see how much space available you got in your drive in megabytes. Highlight and Select the drive where you got Windows and your games files installed, mine is "C:" drive, then click and select "Custom size:". Now you have to figure out the maximum size you can allocate for virtual memory. Multiply 1024 (which is equal to 1 gb) by 32 which = 32768, enter that amount in the "Maximum size (MB)" box. Now for the "Initial size (MB)" box, you wanna multiply 1024 x 24 which is 24576, enter that amount in the "Initial size (MB)" box and then click ok then Apply. You will need to restart your computer so close everything after you do that change and restart.

    * After your PC restarts confirm that your virtual memory was increased by right-clicking on the windows logo again, go to > System > Storage > click on "System & reserved". Now you should see a considerable increase in the Virtual memory, possibly between 23-24 GB.

    After you've done all that I mentioned above that should fix memory issues in your game. If your game keeps giving you memory errors then it might have to do with either an outdated script that's causing problems, like an .dll or .asi file within the directory, a windows corrupted file or hardware issue.

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    17 Mei, 2020
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    @eldabash I haven't found a solution for that yet and this guy hasn't responded to our questions either but, at least I got pretty much all the outfits I wanted to save for each character, just can't save anymore new ones. I don't know if there's a limit as to how many outfits you can save for each character, I haven't tested that yet. I have a whole bunch of outfits saved up for Michael and that's the one that's being giving me the errors when I attempt to save more new outfits for him but, I haven't tried it with the other ones. I have less outfits saved up for Franklin and Trevor, maybe I should do an experiment and see if I can save new outfits for those characters and see what happens. If I'm able to save new outfits for Franklin and Trevor then the problem may be that there's a limitation on how many outfits you can save for each character but, I have to test that out. I will let you guys know if that's the case or not soon.

    17 Mei, 2020
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    @jairogarcia The " createIfNotExist" command in the xml is almost never used to create game archives. Usually that command is left at FALSE for rpfs when creating an oiv package because most often rpf archives already exist and are present in the game directory so there's no need to instruct the installer to create an rpf archive, specially for gta 5. If gta 5 had any missing archives it would probably crash right away if you attempt to launch it anyways. However sometimes the value is enabled to TRUE for folders. For example, if you suspect a folder may not be present at its destination or you just wanna create a new folder in that path, then you can change the value from FALSE to TRUE so it can be created if it doesn't exist but, only for folders not for rpfs.

    Regarding that picture you posted in the link, is that from the Mega Mexico Pack 1.0? The reason I ask is because I downloaded that mod to extract the contents from the oiv and the size of the vehicle files in the "x64e.rpf" folder are different from the ones you're showing me. The vehicle size of each of those vehicles in your picture are different from the ones in my picture. They don't look right, the file sizes for those vehicles look abnormally large compared to the ones I extracted from the Mega Mexico Pack's x64e.rpf folder, take a look and compare them yourself, some of the vehicle file sizes differ between my and your picture > , Unless you're showing me a vehicle list from a totally different mod.

    Anyways, the size of vehicle files don't matter and won't cause any crashes as long as you have a good gameconfig and the other important mods like the Heap and the Packfile Limit Adjusters.

    13 Mei, 2020
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    @jairogarcia The contents in your gta 5 main directory look fine to me, I don't see any files out of place there but, I don't have LSPDFR in mine, so I can't say if those "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" errors you've being getting are related to LSPDFR or RagePluginHook. I've never really been interested in LSPDFR so I've never installed it but, I heard from other players that RagePluginHook sometimes causes compatibility issues and errors but, like I said, I've never tested any of those in my game so I can't really say whether the issues you've being getting are related to those mods.

    In the 'scripts' folder, everything looks fine, I thought you had more scripts than that, you don't have that many scripts installed. Most of the scripts I see in your folder are recognizable and safe, like the lua components, those hardly ever cause any issues. I got PopupHeadlights myself so that one is safe. Based on what you got as far as scripts, I don't think the problem is coming from what you currently have installed in your 'scripts' folder.

    As far as the Mega Mexico Pack mod, I took a look at it and it is a big oiv with a lot of content. The problem I see with that mod is that it was uploaded back in November 2016 and apparently it was never updated by its author. That's an old mod. When SpiderHarper uploaded that mod to gta5-mods the gta 5 patch at the time was the 1.0.877.1 (1.36 build). I never trust any mods older than 2018 or any mods that haven't been updated since 2016, the reason why is because there has been many gta 5 updates since and Rockstar have made changes in some of them, specially in archives.

    That doesn't mean that the Mega Mexico Pack mod can't be fixed. You can fix any outdated mod on your own and make it work, if you know what you're doing but, it's a tedius and time consuming task to do, I know what I'm talking about because I've fixed many outdated mods myself before, specially oiv's. If you really wanna fix the Mega Mexico Pack mod first you need to open up the oiv to extract the contents. Oiv's are usually composed of three main components: a folder containing the files, usually named "content", an "icon" png file for the logo and the executable assembly.xml file.

    The assembly.xml is the one you need to take a look at because that's where it shows the paths of the files. Open it up with Notepad++ and check the paths of the sources (a.k.a. "files") then you will need to open OpenIV to open up your current game. Follow the paths and its sources shown on the assembly.xml and compare them to your current patch. If you see any differences in file destinations between the two then there is a problem and that's what's probably causing the crash. If you see any paths in the assembly.xml that doesn't match the destination of a specific file in your current game then you will have to then rebuild a new oiv to correct the erroneous paths, using whatever files are included in the contents folder and that's not an easy thing to do if the oiv you're dealing with has an extended amount of data allocation. Rebuilding the Mega Mexico Pack oiv from scratch will probably take you a whole day to do because there's a lot of content in that package plus when you're building an oiv you have to be extremely carefully and not rush it because if you make a little mistake in the process OpenIV will immediately reject it when you attempt to install it. You can fix it but, it's gonna take you a while to rebuild it if you decide to do it.

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    12 Mei, 2020
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    @jairogarcia It seems like at some point the ntdll.dll file in your pc got corrupted. The ntdll.dll file is a Microsoft Windows file located at the system32 directory that does NT system functions. It accesses hardware and system resources and runs codes in protected memory areas. It controls thread prioritization, memory management, interaction with hardware etc...If this file gets corrupted your game may crash when a script is activated while you're in the game. Like any file on your computer the ntdll.dll can become corrupted usually as a result of a small virus or a trojan. When was the last time you ran a full antivirus scan in your PC?

    You're gonna have to do a series of steps. Follow these steps below and see what happens:

    1. First, temporarily turn off the internet and run a full antivirus scan in your pc. That may take a while but, it's necessary to do at least once a month to keep your computer cleaned. Antivirus programs can detect and clean files that become corrupted or infected.

    2. After you do the scan, turn the internet back on and type "Windows Update Settings" in the taskbar search bar. Check if there are any Windows updates available for download. If there are any updates available, download them. Any Windows files that were corrupted in your computer will be automatically restored once you do a Windows update. Depending on your internet speed, it may take a while to download your windows updates but, you gotta be patient.

    3. After you've done a scan and updated Windows, now you can begin doing tests with gta 5. Create a folder in your desktop and name it: "temp". Open the gta 5 directory, go into the 'scripts' folder and I want you to remove all scripts and move 'em to the "temp" folder in your desktop temporarily. DO NOT DELETE THE SCRIPTS! Only drag and drop all your scripts from your 'scripts' folder into the 'temp' folder in your desktop except NativeUI.dll and NAudio.dll. If you have NativeUI.dll and/or NAudio.dll in your scripts folder don't remove those, leave those in the 'scripts' folder.

    4. Once you've removed all your scripts from the 'scripts' folder, launch the game and play for about half an hour or so. If you don't get any errors after playing for half an hour then exit the game.

    5. Now, choose any 3 scripts you want from the 'temp' folder and drag 'em back into your 'scripts' folder. Only reinstall 3 scripts at a time. Then go back in the game and play again for about half an hour and see what happens. Keep repeating the process, installing only three scripts at a time. If at some point you get an error then you'll be able to pinpoint which script was the one causing the problem because you've being testing the game with only 3 scripts at a time.

    That's the best advice I can give you at this point. Let me know how it goes. Also, if you don't mind, I would like to take a look at your game's main directory and the contents of your 'scripts' folder. If you don't mind, take a picture of both, the contents of your main directory and the contents of your 'scripts' folder and post a link to those images here so I can see them. You can take pictures of anything on your desktop using "Snip & Sketch" which comes free with windows or any other desktop snapshot program like ScreenHunter. Once you take pictures of all the files in the main directory and 'scripts' folder of your gta 5, you can upload them to Imgur > . Imgur is a free website where people can upload any pictures they want and show them publicly to anyone. All you gotta do is upload your pictures there and it will give you a link for each picture. Maybe if I take a look at your game's files I might be able to inspect and pinpoint something that may be out of place.

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    12 Mei, 2020
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    @jairogarcia The EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is usually caused by corrupted software or a problematic dll file, as in scripts but, not limited to scripts. Scripts are dynamic link libraries of a collection of subroutines that are stored on the disk and are loaded into memory and executed when accessed by the game. Scripts are tricky because if you don't keep 'em constantly updated everytime rockstar comes up with a new patch, any scripts you got installed in your game can cause errors at any moment, including the exception_access_violaton error. I always click on the "Follow Updates" tab for every single script I download, that way whenever the script is updated by the author I get notified of it and download an updated version of that script.

    The first thing you should do is to go to the pages where you downloaded all your current scripts from and check if any of 'em have been updated since the new patch came out and make sure to click on the "Follow Updates" tab for each of your scripts. That way you'll be notified if any of your scripts gets updated. If any of your scripts have been updated then download the latest version of that script and get rid of the old one. Also, if your game is a steam version is always a good idea to also verify the integrity of the game files as well.

    After you do that, run the game and see if you still get that error. If you're still getting that error there is another step you can do that most of the time is not necessary but, it depends. Once in a while there may be a script that when executed by the game may try to access protected memory address and the access gets denied due to protection. If that's the case, to fix that you may have to add GTA5.exe to the "Data Execution Prevention exceptions list" in Windows. To do that go to > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > click on "Advanced" tab > Click "Settings..." under Performance and click on "Data Execution Prevention" tab. Once you're at that window, click on "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" and add "GTA5.exe" to that list, look for it wherever your gta5 game directory is located. Like I said, normally you don't necessarily have to do that unless you keep getting the same error after you've updated all your scripts.

    Most important thing is to make sure all your scripts are updated first. Once you're 100% sure all your scripts are updated then test your game, if you still get the error then do the last step I mentioned. Hope that fixes your issue.

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    11 Mei, 2020
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    @tutambe The uninstaller is outdated. The files used to build the uninstaller were probably the ones used for a previous patch. Also, another reason you don't wanna use the uninstaller is because it will reinstall the original vanilla gameconfig back in your game which doesn't work with mods. Any mods you install in your game require a modified gameconfig, the vanilla version doesn't work with mods so if you attempt to uninstall this mod using the uninstaller your game will definitely crash if you have other mods already installed. If you already installed Gangs of Los Santos and want to uninstall it the best way to do it is to uninstall three specific files. The rest of the other files GOL installs in your game when you use the oiv are not gonna mess up your game or your other mods but, you do have to uninstall and replace these >

    1. Most important file you need to uninstall and replace first is the gameconfig. With OpenIV go to: mods/update/update.rpf/common/data, find the gameconfig.xml and swap it back with the one you had before or one of the ones from F7YO (which I recommend).

    2. Second file you might also have to replace is the popgroups.ymt but, only if one of your other mods uses it. If you have another mod installed that uses the popgroups.ymt then you're gonna have to replace it with either the one from your other mod or with the original vanilla popgroups.ymt. The path for that one is: mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5

    3. Another file you might have to replace is the "ambientpedmodelsets.meta" but, only if another mod you have uses it, otherwise you don't need to replace it. If you need to replace it back with some other mod's ambientpedmodelsets.meta then the paths for that are: mods/common.rpf/data/ai AND mods/update/update.rpf/common.rpf/data/ai

    07 Mei, 2020
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    @hotmale88 That's good news, glad I helped ya out on that. Now another thing you gotta keep in mind, if Rockstar comes up with a new update, which I know it's gonna happen at some point, some of your mods may not work with the new patch. A lot of people have the tendency of transfering all their mods they had in their previous version all at once to the new patch without realizing that some might not be compatible anymore. Like .asi and .dll scripts, those are usually the causes of many crashes. What I always do and recommend everyone to do is to reinstall their mods like three at a time, that way if your game crashes you'll know it's gotta be one of the three. I know it's a tedius task to do and everyone hates doing that but, there's no other better way to do it. If you just transfer all of your mods from a previous patch into a new one and then your game crashes then you won't be able to pinpoint which one is causing the crash. So Keep that in mind next time Rockstar comes up with a new patch.

    28 April, 2020