NYPD Police & FDNY Fire Stations Mod 3.2.05 Manual Install

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Change log
Version 3.5
1. added fire station 7 remod (separate download)
Version 3.2.05
1. complete package installer, fix textures that didnt show up
2. no need for dev files, if you need them pm me
2. added more realism, NYPD logos, murlas, billboards
3. added Rikers Island Correctional Facility to state prions, NYC DOC decals and so forth.
4. No longer need to delete V_20_lspd_sign.ydr you can replace it with updated NYPD edit

Whats new in 3.5: added Separate download for Fire Station 7 FDNY Remod install location gtav\mods\x64j.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\indust_01\id1_33.rpf , replace ytd and ydr

expansive huge mod, you might have to settle with only changing one station such as the mission row precint
Changes City Flags to NYC, and STATE Flag to NYS also uses NYPD Flags
logos to police stations doors, all garage doors, buildings, and signage, nypd advertisements, 9/11 murals, and dedications, 9/11 graffiti murals, recruitment ad, posters, nypd wanted posters, if you see something say something campaign, NYPD Information bulletin board.

use this mod in conjunction with my empire state plate mod, fireman, and ems textures.

Use OPEN IV search tool to search for new file locations, just search the file name.

Known bugs:
with newest gta update makes package installer obsolete as the locations are in various spots

Open IV required to install
To install navigate to locations below and add in and replace the ytd and ydr with the files included in each rpf, open the perspective rpf extract the ydr and ytd and install the files provide in this download.

Dev File installation and file locations
if your using better police station go to dlc/betterpolice



Open IV locations

Del Perro
La Mesa
Paleto Bay
Sandy Shores
Sheriff Door
Sheriff Interior

For the Mission Row police station, you can use one of the two.
Mission Row (heist version)
Use this version if you use mods like Open All Interiors which loads the online map.
In this folder, with OpenIV, find 'hei_heist_lspd_sign' and replace with the V_20_lspd_sign.ydr NYPD edit

Mission Row (regular version):
Use this if you don't use any script mods which load the online map.
In this folder, with OpenIV, find 'v_20_lspd_sign' and replace with the V_20_lspd_sign.ydr NYPD edit
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