Pornhub Arena [SP | FiveM] 1.1

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Thanks for downloading my mod! I hope you like, it’s the second mod of my “PH-series”. In this series i will let Pornhub rule Los Santos, which means this mod is just one of many coming soon. In this file you will find every information you need about my mod. At the bottom of this file i will link you my other PH mods. Because i know some people in the modding community don’t wanna have nudes in there game, i made a censored version too (2 posters are nudes in the uncensored versions). Every version was tested and works fine.
Read the READ ME file for more information!

First: There are 4 different versions:
1. Without glowing signs and uncensored
2. Without glowing signs and censored
3. With glowing signs and uncensored
4. With glowing signs and censored

Known bugs
*none* - if you notice one please contact me!

1.0 - First upload
1.1 - Removed FiveM version, now you need to join my Discord for the FiveM version!

My other PH mods:
PH Studio:
PH Intro:
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