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This Euphoria mod makes bullet hits, falling, and melee hits more realistic. I was tired of seeing euphoria mods where people would walk on headshots, and stumble on body hits.

Join my new discord if you need help or something.

My Realistic Weapon Play mod is required to have the best experience. This will give you the reactions you see in my vids.

1.1: Improved: taser reactions, neck shots, death reactions, reach for wound (small calibers)
Changed: shotgun reactions, falling reactions, car reactions (wip)
Added: Complete MoreGore compatibility (config in optionals)

1.2: Improved on all above reactions

1.3: Headshots, staggers, melee, and car reactions improved. Bodies are heavier, health is much more realistic.

1.4: Reactions are much more fluid, balancing makes more sense, improved death poses and stiffness, chance of NPCs to stiffen up when shot in the head with pistols.

1.5: Added a functional disabled state similar to GSW2, added a stronger NPCs optional for better balancing, re-added the rifle death pose, fixed shotgun force a bit (npcs still sometimes fly on headshots), freezing on leg shots fixed, and better taser reactions.

Known Bugs/Issues
No known issue if you find any lmk on discord or in the comments
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