World of Variety 7.1 (Diamond Casino & Resort DLC)



  • Game version: 1.0.1737.6 'Diamond Casino & Resort DLC'
  • Mods folder
  • Latest openIV
  • Latest CScenarioPoint patch
  • Latest Simple Trainer

  • Optionals:
    Using IVpack, running a lot of mods, memory errors? Installing the following may help.

    Heap adjuster
    Packfile limit adjuster
    Gameconfig.xml 4.0


    The vanilla game is quite bland when it comes to variety. Seeing the same old sights and sounds over and
    over again. World of variety will change that. Assets from multiplayer, story mode and more.
    Have been brought over into single-player. Making the GTA V universe more diverse and enjoyable to be in.

    WOV is lore friendly and balanced. With all assets spawning naturally.

    World of variety is now been merged with Gangs Of Los Santos.
    Along with lore friendly vehicles and peds from multiple authors that have contributed their works to the

    Older versions (unsupported)
    FAQ & Support


  • DLC vehicles
  • Vehicle colour variations
  • Vehicle liveries
  • Custom vehicles
  • Add-on lore friendly vehicles
  • Overall of gang peds & gang areas
  • Gang cars
  • DLC weapons (gangs)
  • Concealed carry permits
  • Random melee weapons for peds
  • New Dispatch
  • Police bicycles
  • Police patrols
  • FIB vehicles & agents
  • K9 patrols
  • Sheriff swat & helicopters
  • Surveillance helicopters
  • Add-on peds
  • New general population peds
  • Storymode peds
  • New ped props
  • New street performers
  • Nude beaches
  • New scenarios
  • New animations
  • Numerous populated interiors
  • Active submarine & aircraft carrier
  • DLC vehicle deformation

  • CHANGES 7.0

    misc new/added:

    -new requirement: Latest CScenarioPoint patch
    -complete merge with gangs of los santos
    -new custom vehicles
    -all dlc vehicles now have proper deformation
    -casino dlc ped models
    -casino exterior doors
    -enabled exterior casino peds
    -fixed R*s old casino scenarios for new map layout
    -homeless no longer carry phones
    -live to ride gang area
    -improved variety of ped models for juggalo & korean gangs
    -options & wov guide updated
    -lite version removed & discontinued

    vehicles added:

    -casino dlc cars & car colours
    -mrkotes - vapid caracara pickup
    -thef3ntons - tankers, box trailers & pounder
    -llayaryes - albany white liner trailer

    CHANGES 7.1

    -new requirement: Latest CScenarioPoint patch
    -fixed an error with exterior casino scenarios

    CHANGES 7.1.1

    -increased the number of add-on vehicles that can be had with the 'wov casino gameconfig' (1000+ addons)

    Download on the side, not the main download button.

    NOTICE: Do not install this gameconfig if your game is running ok.


    Guidance, extra info, maps and credits are all contained in the download. Read before commenting.

    Copying, redistributing, modifying and use of any part of this mod without
    explicit permission from the creators involved is prohibited.



    The biggest perpetrators of game crashes are gameconfigs, vehicles, scripts & outdated mods. So that should be your first line of enquiry.

    The general rule when trying to find what mod is causing whatever issues you are experiencing. Is to add mods back one by one on the vanilla game, testing after each one you add. Once you have found the mod thats causing the issue. Test that mod by itself to confirm it.

    If you believe you have found an issue with World of Variety then leave your comments. Bare in mind that you must only have WoV & requirements installed screen shots, give specific details (character used, vehicle if any, time and area). This is so it can be verified, tested & then fixed.


    Q: Peds/animals are spawning in weird positions or spawning where they shouldnt be. Also vehicles are disappearing.
    A: INSTALL THE REQUIREMENTS! The mod will not work correctly without these being installed.

    Q: With NaturalVision ✪ Remastered (NVR) installed. I have vehicle texture issues, world scenarios dont work or the game crashes.
    A: WoV must be installed after NVR & its options.

    Q: With NVR installed. Peds have their heads down and have umbrellas out when its not raining.
    A: Install '17. Disable Wet Roads Effect' in the optional add-ons folder that comes with Natural Vision Remastered. (WoV must be installed after NVR & its options)

    Q: Umbrellas are still attached to the peds hands after it has finished raining.
    A: Umbrellas despawn after moving out of the immediate area. This is a known bug that will be fixed in the future.

    Q: Is WoV compatible with LSPDFR.
    A: Yes.

    Q: Does WoV make your frames drop.
    A: No.

    Q: Game crashes at start up.
    A: Delete 'EnableMPCars.asi' from your Grand Theft Auto V root directory. (where the GTA5.exe is located)

    Q: Game crashes on load screen.
    A: Either install the wov gameconfig or the gameconfig linked above.

    Q: Is the full version of World of Variety compatible with storymode missions.
    A: Yes

    Q: How many add-on vehicles & peds is the WoV gameconfig good for.
    A: As from the 'Arena War DLC' tested with these mods: WoV, VWE, RDE , IVPack, DoV, heap limit adjuster & packfile limit adjuster, simple trainer, script hook v & all openIV plugins. No other mods installed. Using only WoV traffic files.

    This brings the total up to 390 add-on vehicles, 44 add-on peds. The maximum limit is unknown.
    If you surpass these numbers with no crashing, go ahead and let the community know.
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