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The first license plate pack working as an add-on. Featuring 63 lore-friendly license plates; 7 from iFruit files, 1 from game files, 54 made from scratch, 1 designed by another person. All plates feature custom normal maps and other parameters such as text size, color, or placement on the actual plate. Kind of a shame Rockstar never added the plates featured in iFruit files, it would add some variety to customization.

--- CHANGELIST (08-11-2022) ---
Oh, how time flies. It feels like yesterday we've released our previous inventory update. In reality, it has been another year! That's right, six years of forging license plates for the citizens of Los Santos.

...wait, six? But we're still in 2013. How can this-

Anyhow, have you heard of the recent heatwave? We heard. And we felt. So in hopes of cooling off, this year's Anniversary theme is Winter. In a way, it is both summer and winter for us. Even the fieriest of passions can be extinguished by eternal snowfall...

NEW stock (11AUG222):
• 6th Anniversary Plate
• Lannahechee
• San Andreas (LD Organics)

That's right, you read this right. The local marijuana enterpreneur Lamar Davis has approached us with a new marketing idea. He wants to send out a bunch of vans covered in the finest of greens and requested a specially customized plate to add that extra detail to his latest marketing campaign. Of course, you can have one of these too! And, perhaps, you might get a discount if Lamar sees you roll around with one of those... You can find Lamar's finest business in Los Santos at Forum Drive in Chamberlain Hills. LD Organics - Rolling through Los Santos.

So, what's next for us?

We are still in progress of setting up the new license plate manufacturing machines. This means that the license plates will not be remade using the new machinery just yet, but we promise it's still in the works!

The next stock update will also feature a short departure from the land of the free. We will be bringing over some souvenirs from Baja San Andreas, and who knows, we might just go an a full tour of Mexico someday. But if Mexico is not your thing, how about New Hanover, or Elizabeth?

That's all for our 6th Anniversary. Thank you for the continued support and we all hope to continue to see you for the next 6 years! 💚 💜 💙 ❤️
―Los Santos License Plate Specialists, 2016-2022-2XXX

--- Installation ---
See the readme. Or use the OpenIV package.

Currently there is no known way to get the plates to appear in Los Santos Customs. There are trainers (Simple Trainer and Menyoo for example) out there that allow to select added on plates. Another way to get them to spawn is by circulating them in traffic, which is, unfortunately, a quite tedious step. Nothing is stopping you from replacing existing plates, though, if you don't want to go through all the trouble of adding them to traffic and/or don't like using trainers.

To add the plates into traffic you will have to add their names into "Plate Probability" section in carvariations.meta - note that you need to use the correct plate names below;

- Liberty City Plate
- Liberty City Plate 2
- Liberty City Plate 3
- Vice City Plate
- Sprunk Plate
- Patriot Plate
- Shrimps Plate
- SA Lake
- North Birds
- Alderney Plate
- Robada Plate
- Lincoln Plate
- Epsilon Plate
- Miami Plate
- Classic Miami Plate
- Classic Miami Plate 2
- Good Desert
- North Yankton Plate
- South Yankton Plate
- South Birds
- SA Firefighter
- Alamo Plate
- Alamo Plate 2
- Alamo Plate 3
- Cataldo Plate
- Swampland Plate
- Cascadia Plate
- SA Coquettes
- LC Crosswalk
- SA Crosswalk
- SA Arts
- Colina Plate
- Coloverdo Plate
- Jefferson Plate
- Capital Plate
- Meskousin Plate
- SA Yellow
- Anniversary Plate
- Minnewa Plate
- yankton plate 2
- Misquakewa Plate
- Carcer City Plate
- Tanadux Plate
- Haiateaa Plate
- SA Retrowave
- Willsylvania Plate
- Anniversary Plate 2
- SA Digital
- Arena Contender
- Arena War
- Anniversary Plate 3
- Classic Robada Plate
- SA Veteran
- Anniversary Plate 4
- Cayo Perico
- Cayo Perico worn
- Anniversary Plate 5
- SA Green
- New Austin Plate
- New Austin Plate 2
- Lanna Plate
- Anniversary Plate 6
- SA Lamar
Thanks to OpenIV team for decoding carcols.ymt, Rockstar Games for leaving the plates in iFruit files, to _CP_, Cass, and The Vanillaworks Team for permission to create compatibility with their mods, to futurestoryteller for feedback and suggestions for the installation instructions, and to BLACKHACK09 for permission to use his Carcer City plates.

If you like what I do and are looking for a way to support me, you can do so on my Ko-Fi page. Thank you!
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