"A man runs through the cramped streets of Gotham (or for us Los Santos), with his mind at the brink of collapse as he hears the flutter of wings gaining on him. His mind runs through all the blood he has shed, all the innocents he's tortured, and now he fears that God's wrath is about to rain down on him. His primal instincts taking over, the man runs into an alley hoping that he can escape God's eye. Then suddenly from the corner of his eye in the dark he sees it. A creature of the night, a creature of infernal plague, white lifeless eyes burning in the dark, that's when he knows, the angel of vengeance is here, the night is upon him. The Batman is here."
Description (and a special message to everyone) :
The time is nigh fellow mortals. I have heard the calling and now I shall do what needs to be done. The blacksmith shall step out of his forge into the light. I am The Darth Knight, a mortal who aspires to be a divine creator of immortals. This is the first spark that shall light up my embers of creation. There's much i have to show you , so I urge you to wait and most importantly, ENJOY!!!!

Now, all mysticism aside, first of all, I'll let you guys know, I appreciate any and all kinds of suggestions / criticism / ideas you guys have, so no matter what i urge you to reach out via the comments or forum messages and just let me know. Whatever it is be rest assured that you will receive a response.

Now secondly, I am and have been working on all sorts of peds, from marvel, DC, and other comics books, games, etc. but mostly super-powered characters. But, I think you guys should know, while I am perfectly fine with doing pre-made models/characters, I'm a HUGE fan of custom peds, like this one, so if you guys have an ideas regarding that, hit me up.

Go nuts!!! MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH THIS!!! And once that's done just add them to the post with the Add Video button under Download.

There a lot of releases coming very soon, i might even put out a teaser on the forum later.
Bugs and features :
Well i have tried to iron out all bugs in the ped to the best of my abilities, however if you guys do find any please mention them in the comments and I'll look into it. And features, WELL ITS THE GOD DAMN BATMAN!
Credits :
The most important message here will be a thanks to my friend, brother and mentor, TheFuumaSage who taught me EVERYTHING that I know in the realm of creation, and I can never be more grateful. He's been the best friend and guide I could've asked for and thanks to him you guys are in for some fun stuff.
His profile :

Also a BIG thanks to my friend MTN4456 who's been as crazy as me about stuff we like and I have a learnt a lot by learning through and with him. He's been a great motivation and encouragement for all the work I am doing.
His profile :
Installation :
(through add-on peds)
1.Grab this :
2.Place the files from the archive to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add model in the list(check ReadMe for AddonPeds).
Installation (wings):
1. Install JulioNIB Just cause 3 script
2. Put the files to
Usage :
1. Activate JulioNIB's Just cause script and enable wingsuit feature.
2. Jump down from a building or high place.
3. Press E to activate wingsuit.
Changelog :
v1.0 : Base ped model
v1.1 : Ped model (minor fixer;optional) + Bat wings
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