Blue Angels Pilot Helmet (No breather / Microphone) 1.0

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Paypal donations greatly appreciated! I need to buy garbage bags ;)

I am deeply grateful to Sollaholla, Derpy-Canadian & Westcoastsosa for donating their time and skill to bring this helmet from dream to reality. This is a modification to the vanilla model. The breather was removed by Westcoastsosa, the microphone was added by Derpy-Canadian and Sollaholla got it all working in-game by UV mapping the textures and adjusting the model. Thank you guys!!!! Now we can fly the Blue Angel jets with flight suits and a more accurate helmet!

Download the Blue Angels flight suit here:US Navy Blue Angels Flight Suit for Michael

Download the awesome US Navy Blue Angels team aircraft from the gifted and talented SkylineGTRFreak here: F/A-18C Hornet Blue Angels US Navy Display Team

Thank you for all of your kind gifts SkylineGTRFreak!

The helmet will fit the Single Player characters as well as the MP Freemode Male.

Installation: Using OpenIV, I highly recommend that you use a "mods" folder, anyhow, click edit in the top right-hand corner and head to streamedped props here:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\

Note: Michael is player_zero_p, Franklin is player_one_p, and Trevor is player_two_p.

If you go into one of these folders you will see some files named "p_head_###.ydd" and "p_head_diff_###_a.ytd"

These are all of the hats and masks that the SP players can wear in game.

The ydd file is the model and the ytd is the texture dictionary... the texture.

The last numbered file is the jet fighter pilot helmet... you can either chose to right-click on that file, so for Franklin it would be "p_head_021.ydd" and then select replace and select the "Blues Helmet.ydd" or you can select another head prop that you don't like and don't use and replace that one. So for me, I chose to replace "p_head_020.ydd" because I want to keep the regular fighter pilot helmet but also have the Blue Angels style helmet available.

Whatever you decide you next need to go to the related ytd file and replace it with the "Blues Helmet.ytd"... so I would go to "p_head_diff_020_a.ytd" and replace it with that Blues helmet ytd file.

I hope that you like this. It is cool to have an authentic looking and unique helmet for the Blue Angels Demonstration Team.

Enjoy and of course thank you again to Sollaholla, Derpy-Canadian, and Westcoastsosa; without them this mod would not exist!

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