Chimp's Red Ass 2nd Anniversary Edition Gold (Non DLC) 2.0

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Mod Work: btomas70809
Concept and Financing: Pedge
Two years ago I made the Chimps Red Ass mod....
then we had to travel to the distant future and take a selfie with the elusive golden ass chimp, who is very difficult to find as he mostly wears hot pants. And then we did return to our own time to create the image you see before you. Most people would over congratulate themselves over such an accomplishment, and such a feat of wonderment.
But for us? We are a little more humble. This glory after 2 years work will be free of DLC and of any pay wall. Please do not upload and steal, no matter how tempting it may be.

Chimp ass costs is usually 5 Mil in Shark Currency.
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