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Experience epic moments in a whole new way as this mod automatically detects and triggers short, subtle slow-motion effects.

Unlike existing slow-motion mods, this one has been meticulously designed to ensure the slow-motion effect remains enjoyable without becoming overwhelming or tiresome. It is specifically triggered by certain "cool" moments that are visible to the player, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Customize your experience by toggling the events that trigger the slow-motion effect through the easy-to-use .ini file. Currently, the mod includes slow-motion effects on explosions, ped drivers crashing, ped ragdoll/falling/getting shot, and player crashing. However, your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, as additional features can be added based on your input.

Prepare to be amazed as the mod transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones with its short and subtle slow-motion effects. Immerse yourself in the action, appreciate the details, and let the mod enhance your GTA V experience. Feel free to share your thoughts and requests in the comments section, as your feedback is valuable for future updates and enhancements.

  • 1.0

  • 1.1
    -Changed name to represent what the mod does
    -Added option to toggle the detector via key press
    -Added couple options

    Known issues:
    -Explosions trigger slowmo even when not on screen

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET 3.5.1

  • Extract files in to the scripts folder
  • Use SlowMoEvents.ini to configure

    Source code:
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