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The script will add the ability to perform the autorotation maneuver, allowing you, if done correctly, to perform an emergency landing in any vehicle with rotary wings. I made this script for the simple reason that it makes no sense that I could survive the impact of a missile fired at the rear of my helicopter, but die trying to land it. Now I managed to land the whole helicopter and as a bonus blow up the bastard that hit me using the portable missile launcher.



  • Possibility to land any vehicle with rotary wings after the loss of the engine;
  • A simple interface that displays the rotation per minute of the blades;


  1. Extract from the .rar file the Autorotation-maneuver.dll file and the folder named AutorotationManeuver;
  2. Place the extracted files in your script folder


  • []
    • Interface compatibility fix. 

  • []
    • More control over the generation and use of the blade rotations generated during the autorotation maneuver, this change is very noticeable to those who use joystick with depth triggers.
    • Increased fidelity when performing the autorotation maneuver.

  • []
    • Partial fix of the bug that causes the interface to pop up when leaving the aircraft for a brief moment. It still appears for an instant if you roll over when landing with the aircraft turned off.

  • []
    • This version brings with it two new templates for the interface. Just rename it to "DefaultLayout.png" to use.
    • I made a change in the way the interface is displayed, before the interface was always visible when inside an aircraft, now the interface will only be visible when the aircraft enters autorotation.
      • The change can be undone by changing the attribute called: "Display Only In Autorotation" to "Off" in the initialization file called "BehaviorOfUserInterfaceElements.ini".

  • []
    • Improved blade speed transition and increased blade speed conservation near landing.
    • Better code in general.

  • []
    • Initial release.

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