Color Shot [LUA] 1.1


It does what now?

This allows the player to press a key and have a color applied to the current vehicle the player is in. There are options for controlling primary and secondary colors, along with generating a random color from all available colors. Tire (aka. Tyre) smoke and rim color are also applied to the vehicle.

There are two colors for every hotkey. Meaning, if you press the hotkey once, you will get Color A, and if you press it again, you will get Color B.

Neon lighting is not implemented for various and sundry reasons.

Will you add X color combo? I really want it!

Nope. However, I will include a comprehensive PC color list, in CSV form, for you to look over. You can apply the colors via color code (for the car paints) and RGB codes (for the tire smoke) through simple script edits. However, I will not do this for you, as personal preference is widely varied, and changing this script to be comprehensive would result in running out of hotkeys, and me losing my mind.


This is a LUA script, so clearly you may change these to whatever you want, so long as you are comfortable with making the edits.

Toggle Mod On/Off
Numpad * (a.k.a. Multiply)

Primary Color Controls
Numpad 1 - Toggles "Black" or "Ice White"
Numpad 2 - Toggles "Hot Pink" or "Midnight Pink"
Numpad 3 - Toggles "Silver" or "Chrome"
Numpad 4 - Toggles "Fire Engine Red" or "Wine Red"
Numpad 5 - Toggles "Sunrise Orange" or "Sunrise Cabernet"
Numpad 6 - Toggles "Race Yellow" or "Black Gold"
Numpad 7 - Toggles "Bright Green" or "Midnight Green"
Numpad 8 - Toggles "Ultra Blue" or "Midnight Blue"
Numpad 9 - Toggles "Schafter Purple" or "Midnight Purple"

Secondary Color Controls
B - Toggles "Black" or "Midnight Blue"
N - Toggles "Ice White" or "Hot Pink"
J - Toggles "Race Yellow" or "Gold"
K - Toggles "Silver" or "Chrome"
L - Toggles "Torino Red" or "Orange"
U - Toggles "Schafter Purple" or "Midnight Purple"
I - Toggles "Bright Green" or "Dark Green"
O - Toggles "Ultra Blue" or "Racing Blue"

Apply a Random Color
Numpad + (Add)


Install Script Hook V

Install LUA Plugin

Download & open the zip for this LUA
'colorShot.LUA' goes inside the scripts\addins folder.

e.g.C:\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins

Change Log:

1.1 (6/5/2015) - Added a mod toggle (Numpad *)
1.0 (6/5/2015) - Initial Release
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