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Custom Gear Ratios
Tired of Rockstar borking the code and making your car slow down after the 6th gear? Tired of not being able to get out of the 9th gear in Arena Wars? Here's your fix!

  • Edit gear ratios
  • Edit final drive
  • Edit number of gears
  • Save presets in XML format
  • Load presets
  • Load presets automatically based on model and plate

1. Put CustomGearRatios.asi and the folder CustomGearRatios in your GTA V folder.
2. Start the game.
3. Open the menu with F8, or the cheat gearratios
Two presets have been included, an AE86 inspired preset for the Futo and a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R inspired one for the Schlager GT.

The hotkeys, gamepad buttons or cheat code to open the menu can be changed in settings_menu.ini.

Stuff to pay attention to
Technically they're not bugs but decisions. It's up to you to convince me to change this stuff where possible.
  • Drive force is NOT edited. If you need more oomph to get up to your top speed, use a trainer, upgrade your engine or slap on a turbo!
  • The controller rumbles in 8th gear: Go slap a Rockstar DLC developer. The game was never updated for anything more than 6 gears.
  • Can't downshift in the 9th gear: Slap that dev again! To fix this, use my Manual Transmission mod (where the auto box does downshift!) or limit your gears to 8.
  • There's no rev limiter in this mod. GTA doesn't limit revs, but Manual Transmission can provide this if wanted.
  • The following applies for PlateText:
    • autoload_model: Loads the config for all vehicles with this model.
    • undefined: Doesn't automatically load the config.
    • Any other string: Matches the plate text to only load for specific vehicles.

XML description
Please refer to this readme to check how the thing works.

Bugs and errors
Please post CustomGearRatios.log too.

If it crashes during loading, make sure there's a folder named "Configs" (without the quotes) in the CustomGearRatios folder. It can be empty, it just has to be there.

Any scripts that sets vehicle power every tick will reset the gear ratios and overwrite any changes done by this script. Please disable the power changes!

Affecting scripts:
InversePower. Disable power setter in the ini file.
Simple Trainer. Disable the power multiplier setting in the vehicle options.
Menyoo (maybe). Disable any option that changes vehicle engine power.

Recommended mods
A low-friction handling is recommended, to make the top speeds realistically achievable. Killatomate's handling is a good thing.
Manual Transmission, for the automatic gearbox and/or other shifting modes.

Source code
On GitHub.

Changelog (Full list on GitHub releases)

Add keyboard input for speed and ratios
Fix configuration picking and plate matching
Fix version detection not allowing 10 gears
Have CVT be editable
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