Downhill Challenge


Downhill Challenge helps players to reenact one of Failrace's Challenges, Downhill Chaos, in their own game.

The challenge consists in trying to get a vehicle down Mount Chilliad as fast as possible, using the dirtroads the mountain provides.

I enjoy Failrace's Downhill Chaos series. By seeing his videos about it, I noticed that setting up the challenge would be somewhat tedious, as you have to teleport to the top every time you fail or get to the end. Same with keeping track of all the attempts, and setting up the stopwatch.

And so I thought of coding a script that helps the players enjoy the challenge Failrace proposed. Hopefully some of you find it useful!

  • Quick setup:
  • Get in a car, open the menu, start the challenge. Simple as that.

  • Challenge Restart:
  • You can restart the ongoing attempt easily, by holding R.

  • Smart, persistent Leaderboard:
  • It will register and show all your attempts, divided into vehicle used, time and max speed. It will also replace attempts you have beaten with the new best time.

    The leaderboard is persisent and will save your attempts across sessions, but it can't sort your attempts by Best Time. Its not that smart yet. :P

  • Automatic Stopwatch:
  • A Stopwatch will appear showing your current time, while you're in the challenge. Toggleable.

  • Automatic weather and ingame clock change:
  • The challenge will always start at 12:00 AM with Sunny weather. Toggleable.

  • Automatic minimap hiding:
  • The Minimap will be hidden while you're attempting the challenge. Toggleable.

  • Tab: Show Leaderboard. For compatiblity purposes, you can only check the scoreboard while near the starting or finish line.
  • Add: Open the Challenge Menu.
  • R: Restart Challenge.

"DownhillChallenge.dll" and "DownhillChallengeConfig.ini" go inside \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\ folder. The Leaderboard file will be created the first time you attempt the challenge.

MenuKey=the key that will open the script's menu. Its "Add" by default.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV (Latest)
ScriptHookVDotNet (Latest)
NativeUI (Latest)

  • The Leaderboard can't register modded cars as "new" cars.
  • The Leaderboard can register Added cars, if they have a name set. Otherwise it will register them with no name.

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