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This mod tries to simulate the vehicle looting experience seen in all of the Watch_Dogs games whereas when you enter a vehicle, you might loot the glovebox and get a random item that can be sold at a pawn shop. However, as you might expect, the mod differs from that system in some minor ways. For example, you don't only find money and sell-able items, you can also find weapons or food that restores your health.

How To Use
There's not much to be said on how to use this mod but basically if you enter a vehicle you will get loot, or just cash. If you get loot you will have to travel to a pawn shop to sell it by walking up to the marker and pressing E when prompted to.
To manually add custom pawn shops just use the existing ones as a template and be sure to add commas between the pawn shops. Same idea goes for adding custom loot.
To automatically add custom pawn shops to the mod, enable dev mode in the config and press Shift+L, a shop will then be placed at your current location. To remove the shop you will have to manually do it by removing the entry from the json

- Looting more than just cars
- Easy way to make money if you're playing realistically without cheats
- Pawn shops
- Fully customizable

1. Place the contents of "Mod" into your "scripts" folder
2. OPTIONAL Add more items to the configuration of the mod to add more of a variety. Remember to separate items with commas as seen with the pre-existing ones
3. OPTIONAL Place the configuration tool somewhere (anywhere) on your computer and use it to change the mod settings

- Initial Release

- Added an inventory system
- Added pawn shops
- Cleaned some stuff up with the code

- Fixed an issue where the pawn shops wouldn't pay you

- Removed the source and transferred it to GitHub

- Added the ability to add custom items without editing the json
- Added the ability to enable/disable the requirement for shift to be held to add a pawn shop and item
- Added the ability to change the keys for adding pawn shops and items
- Added enabling and disabling of a 3d marker at pawn shops
- Cleaned up the json and code
- Made the screen fade when pawning your items. Time is increased during this period aswell

- Added a small chance that a vehicle won't contain anything (about 25/100 chance)
- Added a configuration tool so you will never have to even touch the json file to add pawn shops, items, and change settings

- Removed redundant configuration tool
- Made emergency vehicles un-lootable
- Added ability to blacklist certain vehicle models (in the mod config)

- Completely rewrote the mod
- Improved the file structure
- Added individual inventories for each player model
- Added different types of loot (Normal pawn items, food and weapons)
- Added one extra default pawn shop on the Senora Fwy
- Added more default loot items

- Re-implemented blacklisting

Starman0620 - Main idea, writing all of the code
Alex106 - Idea for the entire pawn shop system (seriously, thank you. Without that system this mod would've gone nowhere because I forgot it even existed in Watch Dogs)

You may NOT redistribute this mod without first consulting me
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