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  • 9062a8 owl

    @Agent 3 can you give me further details of what is happening? like nothing happens at all, parts of it works, etc

    31 Mei, 2022
  • 9062a8 owl

    @Anassdsg7 I notice this is happening on aircrafts that have fans which don't spin, which is the case of the Jet.
    on the file models.xml, navigate until the Jet node and replace with:
    <plane value="Buckingham Jet">
    <spawnName value="Jet" />
    <engineBone value="4" />
    <category value="pax" />
    it should do the trick

    04 Febuari, 2022
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    @Reacon "I can definitely add the moving engine cowling as a door", that's precisely what I meant, sorry for my poor description, thank you so much to add that feature, you made my day!

    26 Disember, 2021
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    thank you for the upload, another well done model. Really enjoyed the handling, barely had to make changes for my taste (saved me quite a few hours, so thank you very much).
    Any chance for an update in the future with reverse thrust? I honestly have no idea how troublesome that could be to make, but that's something I'm really missing lately.

    22 Disember, 2021
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    @Alex01 thank you, I'm still working on this mod, just didn't have enough time to reach the point I want as a version 2.0. GTA has a lot of restrictions (have to keep in mind FPS impact on everything you add to the script), also the physics are not even comparable to reality, so hoping for a FS 2020 is waaaay beyond reach for now. I'm going baby steps, glad you are enjoying it.

    13 Oktober, 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    +Airline PA: the other set of sounds are the company sounds, like when you are going to land you "have lock tray table", or when leaving the gate have the "welcome aboard" and such. You can create folders for each company in the Sounds folder and drop the sounds there, like it was done with EasyJet. The name of the files does NOT matter, give the name you want. Those announcements are played using the command "play extra" which can be "play extra1", "play extra2" or "play extra3". But "play extra" just execute the sound associated, therefor before issuing "play extra 1" for example, we have to load what we want to play, for that we use the command "set extra" like "set extra 1", "set extra 2", "set extra 3", followed by the file you want to play. Let's say you want to play "welcome_aboard.mp3" of United airline, the command would look like "set extra 3 Sounds/United/welcome_aboard.mp3" and after that command you'd simply use "play extra 3".
    That's the idea behind it, but keep typing that all the time is nonsense, therefor we use "memory" and "actions" at the memory.xml file. For the example above, we would use the <leftGate> action:
    <action value="/extra#3#Sounds/United/welcome_aboard.mp3; play extra3" company="United"/>
    the company="United" ensures that such action will only happen when the aircraft company is United, so in order for it to work properly you must have set the company accordinly. For that you can use the command "company United". It seems complex, but with time everything makes sense. On the next update of this script things will be easier to set up.

    12 Oktober, 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    + Aircraft Sound: are the height call out, bank angle, sink rate, and so on. Lets say you found Boeing and Airbus alarm sounds and want to use them simultaneously (airbus alarm sounds for airbus models and boeing alarms for boeing models likewise without having to keep switching files). go to .../scripts/Data/Sounds and create a folder, e.g. Airbus. In that folder you put all those alarm sounds, and it is MANDATORY that they have the same name acording to the manual (chapter 4, table 3), they also must have the same extension, all *.wav or all *.mp3 for that set. To associate the model to that folder, get in the plane and issue the command: plane.soundfolder="Sounds/Airbus" and plane.extension=".mp3" after that. By pressing Ctrl + N and navigating with right/left arrow keys in the game you'll get to a display showing which files were successfully loaded. If you don't have a complete set of alarms, fill the missing ones with the Default by copying and pasting those missing.
    Sounds complex but's quite simple. If you find it too hard you can simply replace the sounds at /Sounds/Default.

    12 Oktober, 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @Alex01 the script works with 2 kind of sounds the Aircraft sound and Airline sounds, I'll explain them on the next 2 post, one for each set of sounds.

    12 Oktober, 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @Alex01 all the sounds were retrieved from youtube videos. Most of them were not clean, so I could only find 2 sets of automated PA that were mostly clear of noises (default and EasyJet).
    If you or anyone else manage to find a clean set from other companies that would be interesting.

    12 Oktober, 2021
  • 9062a8 owl

    @hatokyo thank you, I'm happy that you enjoyed it. Working on an update for it with more features and improvements, but haven't time to wrap it up yet.

    01 Oktober, 2021