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    A really well made pack, the cars look really good! One thing I wish was included were spawn names for vehicles, liveries and peds.

    30 Disember, 2021
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    So which version is this?? Here it says its 8.3, the file says 8.3, yet on the LSPDFR website its 9.3.
    And why is it lacking the presetoutfits.ini file?? I just end up with broken outfits.
    And to top it all off, I get an "Unable to accept invite" error when trying to join the discord server for assistance.
    1 star until at least the lacking presetoutfits.ini file gets added so this is playable.

    11 Disember, 2021
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    Works somewhat. 1-4 stars generally works fine. At 5 is where it breaks. No cops spawn at this point, only the occasional spikestrip (not even roadblocks). It also appears that the detection feature is incompatible with Pull Me Over, as the cops don't try to perform a felony stop. And to top it off, surrender doesn't work.

    14 November, 2021
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    The Gauntlet seems to have absolutely no sound for me. No tyre screeching, no impact noise, no engine, no sirens. This is a problem with just the Gauntlet from what I've noticed. Any ideas?

    15 Oktober, 2021
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    Is it just me, or is this script outdated and no longer working? All the AI does when I burnout beside them is freak out and flee.

    11 Oktober, 2021
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    This mod is outdated. After installing the mod and making my project, I went ahead and hit "Export". Well, it exported a video alright. A regular, GTA V video. No video appeared in the file I specified.

    10 Oktober, 2021
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    Is there any way to access the Tuner Update modifications for cars? I haven't seen any available in the menu, and I really want to make some drift cars.

    28 September, 2021
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    @James HortonCZ you're using a non-DLS vehicle.

    26 September, 2021
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    Realized I never left a review, so here it is.
    All I can say is, this is an excellent mod. The addition of both online and add-on vehicles makes the world feel so much more alive, and the custom scenarios even further add onto that. Definitely recommended for anyone playing a modded version of GTA V.

    22 September, 2021