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    @adopcalipt Fantastic Mod! Love it!
    - I am going to put it in a standalone profile using . Mainly due to a couple of apparent clashes.
    1st with 'pull me over (cop mod)' lmfao! while doing the convict mission.
    2nd - A random street fight caused a mission fail in street race, though I could still see and steal the other F1 cars. roflmao!
    So to do you, and your fantastic work, justice, I will run separately to really give it a good go. (Almost like onlie = offline)
    Also, loved the carsteal/barge mission (really had me in a nic cage moment) but would luv it longer. It is GTA after all.

    Keep up the great work!

    24 Ogos, 2021
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    @Pursuit -Yeah all good, works great, thankyou!
    Just doing a 'dedicated' video for your Mod. Will post a link here, if you are interested.
    cheers again, Keep up your great work.

    16 Ogos, 2021
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    This is from your latest download 0.7.1 -with both desktop 5.0.8 dotnet runtime(86 and 64). Also tried with just 86.
    The launcher 'fades' the left side of the menu when pressed to play, and seems to stop, except the Rstar GTAV demo pics.
    (Fades like the inactive profiles, but everything, including the lower section).
    I tried launching from OPENiv and seemed to miss a lot of mods (not all). = I may have changed profiles before they had finished!!! @Everyone... My little mods are 15GB - give it time, look at the taskbar.

    I did a new profile and copied a saved b/up in. Same fade.(see above pastbin) Then, I started/launched from OPENiv and all Mods seemed to work except, 'shutdown' of epic/Rstar launcher, until forced. (Game played fine and profile switching worked).
    Hope this shines a light.

    I am a noobie Modder ;) and like some others, could use noobie instructions. For example, I just unziped the update to a desktop folder and copy paste to old folder, and replaced when prompted. Is that 'the go', or should I have unzipped straight into Mod launcher folder?

    ps; Happy to do a 'dedicated video' for noobies like myself, previous one was just to remind myself and others of the basics. Tell me it's the, com before Epic ;) ;) I wanna be an 'elevated noobie' ;) still love ya work!

    12 Ogos, 2021
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    @Yneek This is brief, it might help. - On just how to make a new profile and add some basic Mods to avoid basic problems.

    From memory, the Modding launcher, directs you to locate your vanilla game, then create a Mod profile to switch to, Mod OFFLINE STORY MODE and (I switch back to vanilla when updates from Rstar) This time, this tool worked superb for me and all Mods just kicked off with the new scripthook.

    Fantastic Mod @Pursuit - Thanks

    06 Ogos, 2021
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    Massive thanks @Alexander Blade. Love your work!
    @everyone else - and this time I kept all my Mods using MODDING LAUNCHER.
    When warning of update - STOP!
    Switch to the vanilla version and update GTAV via RckStar,
    Switch back to 'Modded version' and drop updated Skripthook in OpenIV,
    then start game 'Modded version' via Modding Launcher -hey presto!
    (Hope that helps)

    26 Julai, 2021
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    @Etshy G'day, I dunno. It's something I learnt after a few losses. Also, if you save to Menyoo, then you can copy the xml(i think) and never lose your favourites again.
    \EPIC GAMES FOLDER\GTAV\menyooStuff\Vehicle

    04 Mei, 2021
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    Great Mod

    @KingAron Once you tunned at benny's, save in Menyoo. Also, I save my game when tunned car is in home garage and is always there next restart.

    28 April, 2021
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    Great Mod
    @duration Try version 1.0.2 , 58, of this mod. If you can land that bird, we can fix it!

    28 April, 2021
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    @JayMontana36 - Thanks very much. All these 'snippets' of info are gold to me. Thanks again.

    26 April, 2021
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    @TimelordQ - Thanks very much mate. This is what Modding should be all about. Mutual inspiration and creativity.
    I have to say, your Mod worked much better on early filming (levels of attraction would be a benefit) I think 'the time' in the game affects the number of 'chicks' available. I wanted a night time video for all the light effects.
    Keep on Modding! ... and let me know when you do the other one.(No promises, but it sounds like it could be inspirational to look at filming.)

    26 April, 2021