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  • Ee2568 oip

    @M8T Uhh, yeah, I don't think "my mod is free" is a good excuse. It would be very funny if people paid for this.

    1 hours ago
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  • Ee2568 oip

    @M8T Upset with you? Dude, I don't even know you. I don't even remember the post you are talking about, and no offense, but if I down voted it, it's because I thought it was dumb.

    I know, it could be annoying to make the player go back and forth to check on the hostages, that's why people don't rob banks alone :T. And that's why the hostages should be completely incapacitated or dead, otherwise, it means that they willingly staid there when they had the chance to flee and alert the cops or something, which no one in their right mind would do. It ruins whatever little immersion the script would give.

    If the players want freedom to start the heist again right away, then they could restart the script. You allowing to start the heist right away, again, doesn't make sense and ruins the immersion.

    I know it could take weeks to get a script done, but that's no excuse to deliver mediocre work, it's not like you have a deadline to meet (I assume), so, just take more time.

    I figured the loot is randomized, but the loot in the protected area should have a higher chance of being exotic loot. Otherwise, you get scenarios where you have gold outside and cash inside, which is pretty dumb.

    Now, the hostage animation, I'm talking about that part where you can take a hostage with you and you meet with a couple of cops outside. I say it's poorly executed because, as you said, the animations are not perfect, you only get to shoot the hostage and then you have to kill the cops anyways, which means taking the hostage is completely pointless because it doesn't open a new path.

    7 hours ago
  • Ee2568 oip

    * So, you can enter the bank with a mask on, a duffel bag, and a rifle in hand, and the guards won't even do anything until you attack first? Top scripting right there...

    * While you're waiting for the drill, you have to intimidate the hostages to keep them in place, but when the vault is finally open, you leave them alone? So, all of sudden you have to trust they won't try anything?

    * The music doesn't even stop after the heist ends

    * You can rob the bank right away after you complete a heist, that doesn't even make sense

    * You have a door locked with regular chains inside the vault? That doesn't make sense. What is that gonna do if someone already got past the big ass vault door? Also, if you are gonna have a vault section with extra protection, the loot should always be something like gold or diamonds. Why would you leave gold in the regular section and cash in the "protected" section? LOL

    * That hostage animation thing, while it seems like a cool idea, it's poorly executed.

    The script has many cool ideas, and details that are not easy to implement, but, the mission itself is poorly executed. Overall, it's a mediocre script.

    9 hours ago
  • Ee2568 oip

    @superduper335 Well, the script takes music from many DLCs at random, not only music from the original survivals. For example, music from latest DLC, The Contract. So, if you don't have that DLC installed, for whatever reason, and the script happens to select music from that DLC, then, nothing will play.

    Starting the survivals by killing a ped is actually more hard than just starting with a key press, so not really a limitation, lol. It was a design choice. Why? Well, immersion.

    1 hari yang lalu
  • Ee2568 oip

    @Cyastic When you go to a clothes store, you get two options:
    a) Enter outfit creation
    b) Edit the current outfit

    If you select the first one, your character will be reset to default, useful if you want to start a new outfit from zero. But as you noticed, will make your character go bald.

    The second option, allows you to enter the same outfit creation menu, with the addition that you don't lose any of the current customizations. Doesn't make your character go bald. The name of this option might be a bit misleading, it doesn't mean that once you are done editing your changes will be automatically saved to the same outfit, you can save it to a different file by providing a different name when you press save.

    1 hari yang lalu
  • Ee2568 oip

    @MARK2580 Yeah, my previous comment had a rating, but It was removed. lol

    2 hari yang lalu
  • Ee2568 oip

    The hair is obviously badly done and the arms don't even match her hand size, makes her look like a monkey. Really poorly done model.

    2 hari yang lalu
  • Ee2568 oip

    Those arms and hands look pretty bad

    2 hari yang lalu
  • Ee2568 oip

    Aloy if she was anorexic

    5 hari yang lalu