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  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @GreenAid I have seen many mods have the in game chrome use either very dark grey or black underneath, so it is absolutely possible to remove the white.

    05 Febuari, 2018
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @GreenAid Chrome is mirror, it's meant to be set that way, it's the same as what the Chome in L.S.C. uses, pure black base and when you change the crew color under chrome it changes that RGB.

    @t0p4s Chrome is not meant to have a color underneath it, plus having it so it doesn't show on one graphics mod isn't what making mods is about, it's about making it so everyone can enjoy it, some can't run graphics mods so why should they have to miss out on the car?

    I'm sure it's not too difficult to fix, there have been many other classic car mods in the past with this same issue and it has always been quickly corrected.

    05 Febuari, 2018
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    This looks great but you need to set the color under the chrome to pure black so it shines properly, it just looks like grey paint right now.

    04 Febuari, 2018
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    Shruikan15 is correct, I removed all Menyoo files from the main folder and I was able to start the game as normal without crashing.

    19 Disember, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    I don't suppose you check this one very often but I was wondering if you'd fix or help me fix the uneven white wall tyre texture? The file is embedded and I'm not sure how to get to it to fix it, is there anything you could do to help please?

    15 Ogos, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @Neophyte Industries

    Not the stock wheels, when you put custom wheels on and try to color them the stripe turns the same color as the wheels.

    Also I have a wheel model of an American Racing CP200 that I can't make a texture for, are you able to turn it into an add on wheel that can be put on any car?

    29 Jun, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @Neophyte Industries I appreciate you have tried to fix some issue but making the stripe the same as the wheels color now results in just as odd looking combinations as when it was set to the interior color. Now custom colored wheels can't be done, in particular pure black which turns the stripe chrome. Is there any way to set the stripe color to one of the Benny's colors? the dashboard and interior color slots?

    Also one of the seat stripes is still linked with the outside stripe, I'm not sure if you did this on purpose but the thing on the seats that's changing was never a different color on the real car.

    29 Jun, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @Neophyte Industries Cool thanks, are you going to fix the other things I've mentioned?

    Also I noticed the wheels are too far out on the axles, the very edge of the tyre sits on the arch of the fenders where as on the real car they are a few inches inward from the edge.

    The tail light glass also has some odd reflective qualities sometimes too, this could be something you might be able to fix.

    25 Jun, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    I've made a list of some of the issues with this car, although it is a great conversion into GTA V it does have its problems.

    All chrome on the body is grey underneath when it should be pure black to fully get the chrome reflection

    The brake pads are too far outward and clip through many of the standard L.S.C. and Benny's wheels

    The door windows have different reflective qualities than the rest on the car (as also pointed out by ImpackJunky)

    The light glass on the car does not have the correct settings to not be affected bu window tint, they change when the windows do.

    The reason the car seems small is that the closest camera is too far away, the car is actually the same size as the other 69 mod and 70 mod, however it could do with being a bit scaled up as it does look small alongside other cars which in reality are much smaller than the Charger.

    The stock wheels do not have their under color set correctly resulting in white looking chrome.

    The stripe being attached to the secondary color makes all the liveries incompatible with the interior color and has to be set the same which can result in a bright interior (also pointed out by ImpactJunky)

    Some personal requests, adding the parts for the General Lee such as the antenna, bull bar, CNH 320 Hazzard plate, Vector wheels.

    24 Jun, 2017
  • D997f6 nick collar small

    @Impactjunky It does a bit, is the any way to avoid that happening?

    22 April, 2017