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Made using references from a livery I created in Forza Horizon 3 and the lettering of the Scalextric General Lee which were copied, enlarged and redrawn to a very high resolution to make down scaling as good as it could be resulting in no obvious jagged edges on any of the fine details.

The paint is my own custom Corvette Flame Red I made for a Crew color, this covers the rest of the car so all changing the color does is change the reflective qualities of the paint, the pictures have the car with a Worn base which I think suites the color most, for the best replication of the LEE1 color use Bronze pearl.

Change log.
1.7 - Minor spacing changes in the lettering and 01 that were not noticed before have been fixed, I know most probably would not care about things either being a few pixels off or slightly the wrong size but I care and make this perfect for me so may as well share my updated versions.

1.6 - The 'N' was accidentally left unfinished and I didn't realize until now, the inner white lines were meant to come to a point but didn't, so that is now fixed.

Also there is a new installation method below as I was experiencing really bad compression artifacts making the livery look very pixelated in some areas.

1.5 - The 'G' in the lettering was too rounded and needed to be more oval and have the flat of it raised slightly, I wanted to do this before but didn't think of how to until now.

1.4 - The red of the flag was slightly too dark and has now been RGB matched with the same unit as the blue. This change makes this livery closer still to the original General Lee. Thanks to Impactjunky for pointing this out.

1.3 - A few alignment issues with each side of the car have been fixed, the livery is now perfectly identical on each side of the car and the flag is dead center with each lettering group perfectly lining up on both the X and Y axis.

1.2 - All aspects of the livery have been modified with improvements for quality and accuracy.

The flag was completely redrawn from scratch and is now more color accurate and closer to TV appearance with no stretching of the stars, the flag was made specifically for this car.

The 01 has been slightly changed to now have mathematically perfect proportions to each other down to the last pixel as well as being more accurate to the TV car and sharper.

The lettering was edited to correct the spacing from one another and in turn make it more accurate to the TV paint scheme.

1.1 - Completely hand redrawn 'GENERAL LEE' text which was high resolution and then scaled down to make it much smoother than first release.

1.0 - First Release

For use with the 1969 Dodge Charger mod by tk0wnz.


Open the dlc.rpf file in tk0wnz's 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Mod folder using OpenIV.

Navigate to the dlc.rpf file: dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\69chargervehicles.rpf\69charger.ytd

Enable edit mode and open the 69charger.ytd file, browse through the textures and delete "dukes_sign_9"

After that import the new one, it is already named the same as the texture you are deleting so it will automatically be sorted into the area the old texture was in.

ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY: Make sure you set the 'Textures format (compression)' option to 'A8R8G8B8' this will ensure there is no texture over compression as this happens if you import it with the default settings, I'm not sure why but the lettering and stars gain odd colors pixels around them if this step is not done.

VERY Important, you must deselect 'Automatically Generate MipMap Levels' if you do not deselect this the game will come up with an error on boot as it adds too many MipMaps and cannot load them, I can't change the amount it makes but deselecting avoids the problem all together.
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