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    Is your game up to date? If it is you can try verifying the game cache as page 4 contains Tuner related mods for supported vehicles.

    3 hari yang lalu
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    Is your game updated? ENT pulls the names out of memory so if your game is outdated (pirated etc) then it won't be able to find them so you see blank names instead.

    Menyoo's still being updated on the Github. It's just dead on 5mods sadly.

    4 hari yang lalu
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    Is it s specific model you're trying to spawn or all of them? If it's the latter - verify your game files just in case one of the models has become corrupted.

    @Dust Rathard
    No ETA at the moment. ENT's original tint system was built to only handle 8 tints so when R* added more (MK2 weapons for example) and the ability to paint them etc - it threw the system out of wack and needs a near complete recode to support those.

    There's an option to outright disable the airbreak under Misc.

    15 Oktober, 2021
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    Pre update 48 if I remember correctly has the ability to disable the controller. When I swapped from Xinput to using GTA's own controller handler (due to some issues related to PS4 controllers crashing the game) I didn't re-add that support in initially as I had to re-implement a lot of the old controller functionality (momentary button presses, holding specific buttons etc - things native to Xinput).

    The "test" version I had up on our code repo had re-implemented it but that's around the time I had less time to work on ENT so I can't really remember if it works properly or not (it's been almost a year since I last looked at it). If I get some time I'll upload a test version you could try out and see if it works.

    10 Oktober, 2021
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    @machine4578 @TheRealCJ
    For some reason it works fine for me (using a Xbone controller). To answer your question machine4578 - we didn't actually change anything related to the controller between those updates. I'm not entirely sure what happened in between those updates in fact as the changes we made were entirely unrelated.

    Sadly I don't have much time these days to work on ENT but I've got a branch up on the repo which I think may have the fix for this but it's been such a long time since I last looked at it it might be worth just uploading it as a "test" version as it also re-added the ability to disable controller input.

    There's a native R* added in the Tuners update which slams the vehicle even lower (but only certain vehicles) but for some reason it isn't properly functional in SP so many mods just change the suspension height in memory which causes handling issues.

    07 Oktober, 2021
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    It depends on how far away you are between the cars. I can spawn 10+ right in front of me no problem but if I drive away and that area of the map despawns - so will the vehicles.

    Yes although Menyoo has sequences etc (like moving the Yacht or getting NPCs to act out animations) which ENT doesn't have.

    03 Oktober, 2021
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    Should be able to.

    Which weapons are you trying to save? The game will try and remove MK2 and "online only" weapons when your save loads just like it deletes online only vehicles.

    That should have been fixed a long time ago when I moved away from Xinput to using GTA's own controller handler.

    That's a side effect of having the map loaded up during the save load. Disabling then re-enabling the option should fix it.

    28 September, 2021
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    There should be an option under Misc.

    If you go to: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer in your file explorer, rename ent.db and restart GTA.

    Do you remember what options you had enabled at the time?

    Is scripthookv.dll in your GTA install folder alongside dinput8.dll?

    21 September, 2021
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    You'll have to play around with the clothing combinations yourself but these should help (credit for the Imgur links goes to another modder): (Torso 1) (Torso 2 page 1) (Torso 2 page 2) (Legs) (Gloves) (Shoes) (Hats & helmets) (Masks) (Parachutes & bags) (Accessories) (Armor) (Textures) (Glasses)

    And the "clothes slot" IDs -

    18 September, 2021
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    Is your game updated? It sounds like you've enabled a feature which your game version doesn't support.

    @Ch jaat
    Sounds like you're missing something or it didn't install properly as ENT will only show you valid vehicles, so if it's not loaded by the game for whatever reason - ENT won't be able to spawn it. I'd recommend uninstalling it and installing it again or if you use multiple custom vehicles - add them 1 at a time and see if there's any conflicts.

    Not through ENT, no. You should be able to do that using a save editor however or modifying the game files by swapping the vehicle hash with another.

    T-shirts are one of the components. There's some invisible torso and invisible T-shirt options you can use.

    15 September, 2021