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    @kingneak85 Your first crash was fixed with 2.6c. I will have a fix for the 2nd crash in the next update. Thanks.

    3 hours ago
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    @MrRitschard No worries, glad its working. I have found a problem with having both dealer types out at the same time, and both being near you. That's something that will be fixed at some point.

    3 hari yang lalu
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    @MrRitschard Hes got drugs then, and your raising the amount of drugs then buying them with the button bellow that shows how much your buying and price? A on a gamepad or Enter on keyboard, or clicking it with the Mouse should work.

    4 hari yang lalu
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    - Zee's drug prices have been halved Weed 500, Crack 2500, Cocaine 5000.
    - If Gang presence is greater than 0 in the players current area, a Street Dealer will be spawned. Drugs demand is divide by Dealers, the player also counts as a dealer while active, meaning Longer delays between customers being selected.
    - Street dealers location is unknown, Customers have a 10% chance of giving you this information, every level of gang presence will reduce this chance by 0.5%. Once a street dealers location is revealed moving away from that area will cause his whereabouts to be unknown again. If a street dealer dies gang presence is reduced by 1. A street dealer could be anyone. They currently react like a normal ped would in a hostile situation. Meaning run away most the time.
    - Fixed a few bugs with the new customer selection code. This will fix having more weed customers than should be, and Gang Presence not being able to raise when it should. Also more than 1 type of Customers not being selected when they could be.
    - There is now an element of randomness to customer selection, based on demand ontop of the current delay governing the time between posible new customers. Higher demands will have better odds.
    - Fixed a bug that could cause the same ped to be selected more than once for a sale.
    - Rewrote the logic controlling customer movement before they are added to the players group. They should now correctly walk or run based on a few conditions. Still a bit buggy but better than every ped running all the time.

    4 hari yang lalu
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    @MrRitschard Can you please upload your LSLifeSave.xml somewhere for me or copy and paste its contents here. You can find this file within the LSLife folder, thats in your GTA/scripts/ folder.
    Id like to see this information:

    4 hari yang lalu
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    From looking at whats possible in the code the likely scenarios are - The drug dealer has no drugs to sell. You ordered a drugs dealer and weapons dealer, and spoke to the drugs dealer thinking your speaking to the weapons dealer. Either of which are not a bug. So i need more information to begin fixing this.

    4 hari yang lalu
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    @MrRitschard I am unable to recreate this bug, Unless you can provide me with a screen shot showing the dealer menu when you are unable to buy drugs or more information concerning what actions you took to trigger the bug i am unable to fix or even know where to begin looking. Same goes for the weapons dealer being a drug dealer.

    4 hari yang lalu
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    @Youngbumpy There is only one for now, i have plans to expand that system later.

    5 hari yang lalu
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    - If the Highest demands for drugs go unmet in an area. Gang Presence will have a 5% chance to increase every 120secs.
    - An area that has a stash house chance to increase gang presence is reduced from 5% to 1%, and will start with a presence of 0.
    - Random Drive Bys now require the players current area Gang Presence to be greater 4 and the player to have spent more than 120secs dealing on a single road. When these conditions are met there is a 5% chance every 10sec of a drive by happening.
    - Random Robberies now require the players current area Gang Presence to be greater than 0. When presence is greater than 0, There is a base 1% chance of a robbery gaining +1% for every 1 gang presence. If you have the bag and gang presance is greater than 4 there is a 10% chance of this robbery spawning a driveby.
    - Gang presence will be reduced by 1 for every ped that tries to rob or driveby you that dies.

    5 hari yang lalu
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    @Yorpie I want there to be consequences to carrying to much stuff. Doesnt hurt to offload a bit of money and a few weapons to your stash vehicle and house. One day you will find yourself in the position of needing it :)

    5 hari yang lalu