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  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @YHWHDios He mentioned kids using this site. I simply explained why that’s not our responsibility.

    11 September, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @Burkiolmi Honestly that looks way better, though I wonder how that looks with other layout animations (like layout_low and stuff). It still just sucks that for @ikt Manual Transmission mod, these things aren't compatible with the sync wheel animation feature, in terms of having it play but still having wheel sync while it plays. There's gotta be a way around it somehow. Doesn't Rockstar's animations have... I don't know... layers? Like in Source games, models have animations where they're t-posing but they do something (such as flinch or move their arm), so the bones that are getting moved in that animation basically LAYER on top of existing animations, hence why they t-pose when they do it. I'm sure RAGE has to be at least somewhat similar to Source's feature, like for drive-bys, phone, horn, etc.

    31 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @Burkiolmi Hey look, it's Hunk's old mod! Too bad he's not around anymore, judging by the looks of things. Hell, I don't even think his mods are available anymore.

    Are there any different animations you could use for the shifting animation though? It always looked kinda funky, but I remember the last mod Hunk did was a mod that bundled a bunch of his features together (including gear shift animations) and it used a better animation. This current one, which was used in Hunk's old mod, seems kind of weird since he like moves his arm in a circle. And with RHD it's more like he's shifting his crotch/leg lol.

    Or actually, I've noticed people now make custom animations in the Misc tab, maybe someone could make a dedicated shifting animation that way?

    29 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @NaughtyBoy The site is not responsible for bad parenting. By using this site you agree that you are old enough to play Grand Theft Auto V, as this game was aimed at 17+.

    25 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    So with the new animation pause thing in the API, would it look janky at all?

    Like if you added a gear animation would it like stop playing the synced steering animation (and hold onto the wheel straight/or just be the default unsynced animation), play the animation and then suddenly just snap back to the synced steering animation?

    17 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @Naken LSI You can make the gauges work with the actual needle models through VehFuncsV!

    08 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @S_K Don’t be a hypocrite lol

    @RealZolika1351 Wasn’t there a way to show the vehicle RPM value? I remember using the thing that showed vehicle stats and could find stuff for things like the gas and brake pedals, but I couldn’t see anything for RPM.

    01 Ogos, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    @Monkeypolice188 If you take someone's song and remix it without their permission, it's still their song, no matter how much you change.

    31 Julai, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Or what? It's not like it's yours. It originally came from Do YOU have permission from to use their model?

    29 Julai, 2022
  • 433ebe jackisashamedremasteredcropped2

    Hey man, wanted to see how you were doing. Surprised to see you return, I figured you retired due to real life stuff.

    27 Jun, 2022