Realistic, No-Push Death Physics 1.2


This mod aims to actually show off the ragdoll behaviors and tasks adored by Euphoria/NaturalMotion fans by taking the force on ballistic weapons to 1. You will actually see the peds react as opposed to getting blown off their feet by an automatic weapon. Peds that were running forward will actually fall forward when shot. Shotgun blasts no longer launch an enemy 10 feet away.


*physicstasks.ymt added to truly remove the extra shotgun forces.
*I accidentally left the unarmed impulse at 1 when I originally uploaded, correct values for unarmed melee are back in.
*I accidentally uploaded the vanilla files in 1.1, this has been corrected.
*Videos of combination of three different NaturalMotion/Euphoria mods combined with my weapons.meta.

Installation Instructions:

You can either backup and replace update/update.rpf/data/ai/weapons.meta in your original GTA V file structure, or use the following method using OpenIV mods
folder to keep your files safe (this will be a pain if you have your own mods in the mods folder - step #2):

1. Extract weapons.meta and physicstasks.ymt from this zip file someplace memorable.
2. Backup any of your personal mods you have that are in either common.rpf or update within your "mods" folder using OpenIV.
3. Using OpenIV, navigate to common.rpf/data/ai/, right-click "weapons.meta" and select "Copy to mods folder".
4. Navigate to update/update.rpf/common/data/ai/, right-click "weapons.meta" and select "Copy to mods folder".
5. Navigate to update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune/, right-click "physicstasks.ymt" and select "Copy to mods folder".
6. Right-click and replace MODS/update/update.rpf/common/data/ai/weapons.meta with the extracted from step #1.
7. Right-click and replace MODS/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune/physicstasks.ymt with the extracted from step #1.
8. Replace your personal mod files and enjoy!

The videos currently uploaded have no Euphoria/NaturalMotion mods, so feel free to add your own, I'd be excited to see your results with the two mods working concurrently. I recommend using that mod's physicstasks, as mine ONLY changes the shotgun impulse, nothing to do with NaturalMotion tasks.
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