Enhanced Cloud Depth & Atmosphere 1.2


Enhanced Cloud Depth & Atmosphere:

This modification tweaks the clouds in the game to make them more 3D. You can actually fly above them. If you go to the top of Mt Chilliad, you will actually be above the cloud tops, depending on what kind of clouds are in the sky.

Core features:
-Fly above the clouds, contrails, etc, in any weather type.
-Fly high enough and you'll reach the stratosphere (Super Sonic script needed to reach these altitudes:
-During foggy weather, see fog envelop Southern San Andreas from above if your in a plane, on a mountain, or on a sky scraper.
-During weather types with full cloud cover, you can fly through the cloud layers and fly over storms.

NOTE: I have only tested this with VisualV. I have not tested this mod with other graphics configurations such as the default vanilla GTA V graphics, or Natural Vision Remastered, however those versions should work. So I recommend you install VisualV. You do not need to install the Earth Atmosphere add on that came with VisualV.
VisualV Link:

Installation: [Back up your files first. I am not responsible for damaged games.]
1. Make sure you have ScriptHookV installed, and place "atmosphere.asi" and "atmosphere.ini" in the root of your GTA V directory.
2. Open the update.rpf folder for the version you are going to install. Make sure you install the right version for the graphics mod you are using.
-If you are using the stock unmodified GTA V graphics, choose "update.rpf - (Vanilla)".
-If you are using the VisualV graphics modification, choose "update.rpf - (VisualV)".
-If you are using the Natural Vision Remastered graphics modification, choose "update.rpf - (Natural Vision Remastered)".
3. Using OpenIV, place the "common" and "x64" folders into the root of your "update.rpf". This will place the files into their correct location.

V 1.2
-Fixed an issue with a few of the cloud horizontal movement speeds.

V 1.1
-Now supports Natural Vision Remastered and the Default GTA V graphics in addition to VisualV.
-Removed timecycmods.txt. The timecycmodifiers are set up for vanilla users.

V 1.0
-Initial release (VisualV only)

-nkjellman for atmosphere.ini and clouds.xml configuration.
-VisualV team for creating that amazing graphics modification which makes the already beautiful GTA V even more beautiful.
-Specifically, robi29 for creating the atmosphere.asi, and space timecycle.
-Razed for Natural Vision Remastered which also makes GTA V even more beautiful.
-Rockstar Games for developing GTA V.
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