Lore-Friendly Watchdogs Vehicle looting item list 2.0

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This is a simple edit of the .json files included in the watchdogs vehicle looting mod: so you will need this mod. once thats installed goto Grand Theft Auto V\Scripts\Watch Dogs Vehicle Looting\Items and drop the fooditems.json and pawnitems,json into the folder, replace when asked.

i edited the food and pawnable items list, everything in them is now something that exists within the lore of GTAV (with a FEW exceptions where i took creative libertys)

for the food list i removed the moldy food and generic "hamburger" ect options, i added every meal that exists from burger shot, cluckin bell, taco bomb, wigwam burger, ect, i did add a few extra for a few like taco bomb, which had a lack of a kids meal, and taco libre, which had really no info on what they served. i also added the electrolyte gatorade parody from GTA IV since i couldnt find one in the GTA V universe and they already share some brands anyway.

for pawnable items i added everything from bar tabs which cant be sold, to credit cards, to login creds to the BAWSQ and LCN lifeinvader, airplane tickets, electronics, i even added security codes for all the banks and gruppe sechs trucks including a "route list" for the trucks, its meant to imply that the person driving the vehicle was working at the company or had criminal intent, most of the items are sellable, anything that would have value really, so you cant sell the bartabs or newspapers obviously, but hey, theres some things that SOMEONE would buy but not for much.

Added Drugs into the list in the form of 1g 3.5g and 1oz, i also made sure the prices scale with each value so 1oz will be the value of 28g.

Full credit for the mod goes to starman0620 for the watchdogs vehicle looting mod, im just trying to setup a realistic GTAV and his default list didnt cut it. and also for the picture cause i did not realize i would need one.

I noticed that sometimes when i loot a vehicle i get an absurdly high amount of random cash, like $100k plus sometimes, i have no idea if this is from my custom lists or if this is something that happened cause of other things i messed with, if anyone else notices this please let me know.
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