MP Series (Play Your GTA Character) [Mission Maker] Season 1


RATED "R" / "M" for Mature Audiences Only

This includes the first mission. You can find more of my mission series on My Discord

Are you ready to put your GTA 5 Character to the ultimate test...
We go harder than Rockstar ever has. We are far more raw with our missions.
We as in YOU AND I. This is a community and we all shall play together and suggest ideas for each other to support our upcoming missions. Welcome to our new non-stop series of MP Custom Missions.

YouTube video walkthroughs coming soon to help with missions.

Mission Maker

Open Interiors
(Most of my missions use open will need it to complete missions successfully)

Pick one or both of the following mods: CustomPeds or SkinControl
(To use or create your own GTA 5 Custom Character)
Use Skin Ripper to export your ONLINE Character.

Simple Trainer V
(You will need to give yourself weapons in some cases)

Character Swap (Tricks game into thinking NPC is a main character) which allows you to receive money from missions, buy cars with dealership mod, shop for guns, car mods, and most things except clothes all while playing as another character model (NPC).

My Modified SaveHouse Mod
(Helps give your MP Male own House Blip via custom savespot.)
Also helps autoload menyoo interior if main character's save and set spawn interior matches midrange apartment interior.

Loads Player Safehouse before every mission. Access as often as desired
Go to Object Spooner > Saved Files > MPMaleHouse.xml > Load Placements (can use savehouse mod to match player interior to mpplayer interior and it will autoload for menyoo teleport. Otherwise teleport to midrange apartment in trainer to manually load interior.

Drag and drop, copy, or extract folders in archive to:
Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/MissionMaker/missions

Copy/Move MPMaleHouse.xml to:
Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/spooner
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