US Navy VF-111 skin for F-4 Phantom II New Version (Improved Decals 1.2)

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Naplam that treeline, give me room to breathe!

This is a US Navy texture for nathanjamesddg151's McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II using volkrock's texture template.

This texture is to represent a US Navy F-4 Phantom II set during the Vietnam war.
Note that this is not made to be completely accurate nor do I care to make it completely accurate.


1. If you haven't already, Install nathanjamesddg151's McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II and follow the installation there.

2. After you have Installed the F-4 Simply replace f4.ytd with the texture in this mod.
mods> update> x64> dlcpacks> f4> dlc.rpf> x64> levels> gta5> vehicles> f4vehicles.rpf

3. Done!

Full model and original texture credit goes to nathanjamesddg15.
Full texture template credit goes to volkrocks.
Texture modified by ToXiC BoLTz.

Known Issue(s)
-Typo at the tail of the aircraft spells "YF-111"
I plan to correct it to "VF-111" shortly.

Do not reupload my work anywhere, unless it is Improvements, Fixes, or Simple modifications to the Textures.

-Fixed spelling error on the side of the F-4 from "USS Coraal Sea" and corrected to "USS
Coral Sea".

-Improved Decals (Mainly to the tail section)
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