Infernus V [SP] 0.7535


This is my first Release
Sorry No more update My HDD Broken and lost my source code :(

Installation; Drag and Drop all files in zip to your gta 5 folder

Numpad to navigate
Numpad * to Open Menu
F11 To Open Submenu Airbreak (beta)


Version 0.25:
Added Blackout
Added Vehicles Update 1.34
Fix Error no open menu

Version 0.255:
-Added 6 Vehicles
-Added Drift Mode
-Added Turn Lights Cars
-Added Spawn in Vehicle

Version 0.280:
-Added Pc Vehicles
-Added Clone Player
-Added Explode Vehicle
-Added Lowriders
-Added Secret Cars 1.34
-Moved Blackout to World Options

Version 0.295:
-Added Ped Options
-Added Spawn Vehicles with pre upgrades
-Added Trevor House in Teleport Options
-Added Luxury Mode Upgrades
-Added Teleport Into Nearest Car
-Added Next Track Radio
-Added 2 Vehicles
-Remoded Lester House

Version 0.305
-Added Model Changer(beta)
-Added Visions
-Fixed Next Track Radio
-Added 6 Vehicles
-Now Open Menu With Numpad *

Version 0.325
-Added 2 Peds to Spawn
-Added 3 Models To Change Skin
-Moved Blackout to Miscellaneous
-Moved Moon Gravity To Miscellaneous
-Moved Time Options To Main
-Moved Weather Option To Main
-Added Spawn Vehicle By name

Version 0.350
-Added Custom Plate Text
-Added Paints in Upgrades
-Added 35 Vehicles and helicopters
-Added Spawn Clone BodyGuards
-Added 3 Models to Change Skin

Version 0.385
-Added Muscle Cars
-Added Off Road Cars
.Added Striper in Model Changer

Version 0.450
-Added Super Jump
-Remplaced Infinite Ammo With No Reload
-Added Explosive Weapons
-Added Fire Ammo
-Fixed Model Changer Error Crash Game
-Added Explosive Meele
-Added 5 Model To Change Skin
-Fixed Never Wanted No Function
-Improved God Mode
-Added Vehicle Rockets With Numpad +
-Added Rainbow Vehicle
-Added Airbreak(beta) no fixed
-Added Massacre Mode
-Added All Stations Radio

Version 0.500
-Changed Name
-Changed Colors
-Changed Interface
-Added Slow Motion
-Added Advance 1 hour
-Added Backward 1 hour
-Added AutoDrive To Waypoint
-Added Services Cars
-Moved Cars DLC 1.34 to Respective Categories
-Improved Engine Multiplier
-Removed Max Upgrades
-Added Los Santos Customs

Version 0.615
-Added Options Fonts in Settings
-Added Options Color in Settings
-Added Title Color in Setting
.Added Title Font in Settings
-Added Sedans Vehicles
-Added SpeedoMeter (beta)
-Added Abigail in Model Changer
-Added Online Related Locations In Teleport Options
-Added Safehouses
-Added Shops

Version 0.685
-Added Vans
-Added Motorcycles
-Added Cycles
-Added Compacts
-Added Sports Classics
-Added Bullet Editor
-Added Money Gun
-Added Money Drop
-Improved Engine Multiplier
-Added Apartment interiors in Teleport Locations
-Added Object Spawner
-Added Ped Spawner

Version 0.720
-Added 25 objects in Object Spawner
.Added 35 Peds in object Spawner
-Added New Cars Cunning Stunts
-Improved Dispawning Cars
-Added WheelChair Money Drop
-Added Bong Money Drop
-Added Restricted Area Acces
-Added Guitar Money Drop
-Added 25 Model Changer
-Removed Speedometer
-Added Car Spawner Gun

Version 0.7535
-Improved Spawn Pre Upgraded
-Added Suvs
-Added Commercial Cars
-Added Force Gun (beta)
-Added Teleport Gun
-Added Gravity Gun(beta)
-Added Up Wanted Level
-Added Jesus Bodyguards
-Added Vehicle Cannon Soon Select Vehicle
-Added All Apartment Interiors
-Removed Airbreak From Mis Now Start AirBreak With F11
-Added Hide Hud

Thanks to:
Alexander Blade ScriptHookv
Download ScriptHookV
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