Uber RPG Role Playing Game 1.5


🔸️Find the FULL Tutorial and the nearly BUG-FREE Uber 2.0 available on Discord🔸️
🔴🔴The driving lesson does not save on 1.5 but DOES save on Uber 2.0!🔴🔴


✅️LS Life[FIXED on 2.0 version] (caused instructor/peds to exit the vehicle and run after entering it)
✅️Enhancednativetrainer.asi[FIXED on 2.0 version] (caused instructor/peds to exit the vehicle and run after entering it)
🚫Home Invasion (causes HUD to flicker during jobs/lesson)
🚫Add-on Vehicles(some) (causes lesson to not activate due to not reading the vehicles but you can still bypass the lesson or use a stock vehicle): FIXING

UBER 1.5 Features 🔶️

💼 Dynamic Job System
💰 Realistic Job Experience
🌟 Reputation Growth with Company
🪙 Reputation Points with Customers
🚗 Repeat Customers Interactions
🔧 Insurance Management
📮 Insurance Validity and Mechanics
📒 Insurance Stats & Tracking
🛤️ Drivers License Lesson
🌍 Expanded Cityscape
📈 Level and Rating Impact
📡 Advanced HUD Integration
🚗 500+ Pick Up and Drop Off Locations
👮‍♂️ Crimes = Bad Buyer Experience
🚨 Crashes = Bad Buyer Experience
🚦 Traffic Laws & Compliance
⏳ Extensive Distance Time Limits
💡 Job Satisfaction Tip System
🛣️ Enhanced Pay Per Mile System
🌧️ Pay Increase for Bad Weather/Nights
📊 Detailed Rating and Feedback System
🏅 Raises, Tips, Bonuses & Business
🔝 Levels, Promotions and Reputation
📉 Job Demotion Dynamics
🛡️ Vehicle Condition Requirements
🚖 Several Special Work Vehicles
🚘 Dynamic Cruise Control
📏 Enhanced Distance Tracker
📈 Detailed Job Stats Tracker
🔄 Manage Game Statistics
🏎️ Automatic Vehicle Spawning
🖥️ Multiple Comprehensive UI Menus
📊 UI & Notifications Enhancements
📍 Job and Environment Dynamics
🏅 Smooth Gameplay Advancement
▶️ 183 Other Mod Improvements ◀️

- 🗒 Changeable Settings
Disable cruise control toggle button in Uber Support menu under Stats and Settings.
Disable Red Light infractions the same way.

- 🎮 Controller Shortcuts
Press "LB + RB" to accept another job quickly.

- 🗺 Map Easter Eggs
Find a secret location on the map and gain access to more features!

📍🔶️Available Features for Uber 2.0 (Discord Edition)🔶️📍
📍🔶️Available Features for Uber 2.0 (Discord Edition)🔶️📍
📍🔶️Available Features for Uber 2.0 (Discord Edition)🔶️📍
- 📝 Client Profiles for VIPs
- 🤵 Immersive Missions for Tuco
- 👨‍✈️ Intensive Missions for Mikey
- *📑 Mission Stats & Progress
- 🚘 Evolved Street Racing with Stats
- 👥 Hiring Employees for Routes
- 🛠️ Various Roles Integration
- 🚖 Employee Management
- 💵 Financial Management of Employees
- ⌨️ Employee Portal and Stats
- 📂 Stats & Mod Progress Saving Features
- 🆙️ Gain Access to Repeat Customers in Level 3
- 🗺 Map Easter Eggs
- 🎮 Controller & Keyboard Shortcuts
- 🗒 Many Changeable Settings
- ✅️ 53 More Mod Fixes/Improvements

❓️❓️ Installation ❓️❓️
- You will need to install ScriptHookVDotNet in GTA main folder
- You will need to install ScriptHookVDotNet3 in GTA main folder
- You will need to transfer ALL Downloaded files from Uber 1.5 into Scripts Folder
❓️❓️ Using ❓️❓️
You must complete the drivers lesson FIRST to do anything in the mod, once you pass the lesson you can buy auto insurance and then you can start accepting jobs.
When in game open your phone and push the up button or scroll until you find "Insurance Company" contact and select it, a menu will pop up and you will need to select "Lesson 1" and you will be direct to a location to perform the driving test.
After completing the driving lesson open your phone again and scroll until you find "Uber Support" select the contact and a menu will pop up, from there you can accept or cancel jobs, view promotions, rating, stats and more.
When you accept a job and arrive at the customers pick up location Honk the horn when next to a customer to get them to enter your vehicle!
You can disable the Cruise Control settings and Red light infractions in the Uber Support menu under Stats and Settings.
❓️❓️ Bugs ❓️❓️
🔴About 5% or less of the Peds will fall through the map when spawning/attempting to get to the players vehicle, this will trigger a job cancelation and the job will end.
🔴The red light detection script is a bit buggy and is not fully working. UBER 2.0 HAS A MUCH BETTER RED LIGHT SCRIPT!

🔶️🔸️Uber Mod 2.0 Tutorial🔸️🔶️

The Uber Mod 2.0 provides a comprehensive ride-hailing experience in the game, offering realistic job mechanics, interactive features, and a career progression system with fun missions. This mod is all about starting from the bottom and working your up way, progressing through each stage. You must unlock your way into each feature, nothing comes easily 🫡

Starting Out:

1. **Driver's License Lesson:**
- Complete the driver's lesson to unlock insurance, you must request a lesson and then the instructor will give you a meeting location to start the test, once you enter the marker the instructor will begin walking towards your vehicle, you must wait until the instructor has entered your vehicle before resuming test, there are various infractions that deduct from your score, you must pass the lesson with a score of 1 point or higher. There is a part of the test where NPCs will spawn randomly and try stealing your vehicle, you must avoid any crashes or collision, even minor. Once you have made it to the last checkmark and have a passing score the instructor will tell you that you passed the lesson. This will be saved and you will no longer be required to take another test.

2. **Insurance:**
- Purchase insurance to cover your vehicle, other vehicles, and property damages. From the "Insurance Company" ui menu you can select "Minimum Coverage" this will give you coverage of $10,000 in damages, usually this is anywhere from 3-10 accidents depending on severity. Depending on what parts of the vehicle are damaged will depend on the repair amount needed. Once you have exceeded your coverage you will no longer be covered and will be responsible and charged for any additional damages. You will also not be able to accept anymore jobs unless you renew your insurance coverage. While insured your insurance will also renew automatically every 24 in game hours. YOU MUST BUY INSURANCE AT THE START OF EACH GAME/SESSION! This is to act as a on/off feature for the mod ensuring most of the mechanics for the mod remain OFF/Disabled if insurance has not been purchased.

Gameplay Mechanics:

1. **HUD Display:**
- Located at the bottom center, showing total jobs, miles, and money earned. Updates in real time. This changes depending on if you are taking a drivers lesson or doing an Uber route. The HUD will display speed limits, your speed and the current street you are on.

2. **Accepting Jobs:**
- Access "Uber Support" on your in-game phone to accept a job. You can Select "Accept Job" - when selected dispatch will send you the location of a customer near you.

3. **Customer Pickup:**
- A red blip appears on the map indicating the customer's location. Honk to let them in (only the front passenger seat works).

4. **Destination Arrival:**
- After pickup, a green destination blip appears. Drive safely to the location within the time limit, adhering to speed limits, red lights and not following or passing too close to other vehicles. If you speed you will first be warned, if you continue to speed the customer will report you and the job will end and you will be given a 1 star rating. If you also crash, or get a wanted level during a job the job will end with a negative rating.

5. **Feedback Deductions:**
- if you get a warning from the customer about speed, near collision or running a red light you will be deducted 1 point from your rating, so if you get warmed about speed and a near collision your 5 star rating will be changed to 3 stars, affecting your job promotions and level.

6. **Job Completion:**
- Upon successful completion, receive notifications about the review, pay, and promotion progress. After completing your first job of the day the manager will thank you and will Spawn at the Uber office. Once you reach level 8 you can discuss business options and opportunities with the manager.

7. **Job Promotion:**
- First promotion requires 10 jobs, 75 miles, and an average rating of 2.8. Each Promotion yields bonuses, increased pay, and a company vehicle. Each promotional requirements can be found under each level in the "Uber Support" menu under "Promotions" and then "Check Requirements" if you have reached the requirements for a promotion you will be given a message after the next job that reaches those requirements, after that you must select the level under "Promotions" to officially get promoted to that level. Once you do you will be given a raise, bonus, a work vehicle and your progress will be saved.

8. **Reputation & Repeat Customers:**
- At level 3, you gain access to your repeat customers and their features. Woth each completed job with a repeat customer you earn a reputation point. While on a job you can push "RB" and a HUD will pop up showing you the current reputation points needed for each client. Once you have earned the right amount of points the repeat customer will give you their phone contact where you will be able to access a new UI menu that has a couple jobs of Tuco and Mikey who offer special super fun, in-depth and challenging missions, side jobs and street races. All of your stats for money earned, number of missions, wins losses and pending payouts are all stored and saved.

9. **Hiring Employees:**
- Once you have reached the requirements needed for level 8 and have been promoted you will be given 3 additional work vehicles that Spawn at the Uber office. All of your employees will also Spawn at the office, you can walk up to each employee and you will be promoted to hire employee by pushing "O" on the controller. Once hired the employees contact will be in your phone where you can assign a Uber route for Steven and Billy. As you assign routes for your employees they will run a full Uber route, completing 4-10+ jobs. After each job the employee let's you know what they earned and which job they are on, after clocking out the employee will you a fill breakdown of their route, including an average daily rating and a breakdown a pay. The employee gets 1/3rd of the revenue collect that day, you get 1/3rd and the business keeps 1/3rd. All of this information is saved and stored and adds up. If you go too long without paying your employee that will no work.

Additional Features:

**Job Cancellation:**
🔸️ If you need to or want to cancel a job or if the customer is in a location you can not access you can "Cancel Job" at anytime from the Uber menu, but note that canceling 5 or more jobs in a week leads to demotion and negative progress.

**Cruise Control**
🔸️ On a controller push the R3/right joystick to enable your cruise control and maintain the current speed, at any time Push the break to disengage cruise control. If at anytime you hit something the cruise control will disengage. On a keyboard to enable it is your "Look Behind" key and whatever your break key is.

🔴🔴Passing the Drivers Lesson🔴🔴
Once you get to the first check point and initiate the lesson DO NOT MOVE. Wait for the instructor to enter your vehicle. It can take up to 10 seconds for them to get to your vehicle. Once they are in your vehicle you can proceed through the checkmark and the lesson will resume. If you leave the lesson without the instructor the lesson will fail. If your score reaches 0 you will fail the lesson. You get 3 attempts to pass the lesson after the 3rd attempts the lessons will end on your 4th attempt. Once you have received a notification saying you've used all your attempts you need to wait, a timer will start. You will need to wait approximately 3 in-game days or 36 real minutes for this timer to reset. You must also keep your game open during this time, there is no way around the wait period of 36 real minutes.
After the wait period is up you will receive a notification saying you can take more lessons. Good luck 😊
📍🔶️AVAILABLE NOW Uber 2.0 LAST UPDATED 5/20 (Discord Edition)🔶️📍
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