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    @Nebula666 Yeah don't know why it's not working. You can write me on YT or private message on patreon I guess. I'm not taking commission yet as I have much to do, but I'm always open to new ideas :) Thanks for the rating!

    16 Mac, 2023
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    @Andrey_Logan Thanks for the rating! In the settings you can already customize the key for both controller and keyboard. In the update that is currently in early access on my patreon the prompt of what to press when doing some activities will now change accordingly if you are using either controller or keyboard.
    @GanzoTheGreat always a requirement problem. Check if you have NativeUI 1.9.1 and the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet, at the moment is 3.6.0

    14 Mac, 2023
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    @marshy2 Thanks! If you are interested, check my patreon anyway as there are also some other free mods and I usually update there first. Glad you enjoy them!

    13 Mac, 2023
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    @kankan1122 @avivr Thank you! As written in the description you can tweak some variables in the patron version, the time between jobs too.
    @llamaxus It should be fine with thos mods, make sure you have the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet you should have 3.6.0 at the moment

    12 Mac, 2023
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    @wvssuptokyo Are the attacks that you mention from gang cars with their respective colors? if not they are not from this mod otherwise the attacks from rival gangs are triggered randomly between 5 and 20 min and only if you completed successfully at least 3 missions (whenever you fail a mission the counter will reset).
    Thanks by the way :)

    19 Febuari, 2023
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    @Pachotoner290 Yes I will but I'm not sure when yet... It will be released on my Patreon first though, like all my other mods. Thanks for the rating!

    05 Febuari, 2023
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    @dante24 Thanks! There is the file called "Dealien_ForeverTogether.sav" you can open it with a text editor and change pretty much anything there, also Partner's vehicle and weapon. A bit cheaty though :)

    19 Januari, 2023
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    @KydTheKid Yes, It works with the latest update.

    19 Januari, 2023
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    @TwoBucks please always make sure you have alle the requirements correctly installed and up to date.
    @frgoxoxe Thanks!
    @XMOrtiz Just go again to the hideout.

    06 Januari, 2023