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    Is that a "Dead Presidents" reference with the Frank white face paint? If so, based.

    15 November, 2022
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    I know everyone keeps saying replace SNS but what about the Ceramic pistol? I have a glock in my combat slot and always thought the Ceramic would be perfect for a Makarov/PPK

    04 November, 2022
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    Which files contain the muzzle flashs/smoke? Love the mod as a whole but I'm using Jridah's .38 revolver which replaces the SNS and the mod jacks up the clip size of the SNS to 10 which isn't realistic. Maybe it'd be easier just telling me how to switch the SNS clip size back?

    25 Oktober, 2022
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    Best assassination mod to date. Should add to the ini the option to make the target itself unarmed, the non criminal ones at least, as well as the option to choose how far away you want the target to spawn rather than the percentage-outside-the-city system.

    19 Oktober, 2022
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    Great mod. Question: Does this include the military and service rifles? Also; after I installed the police sirens sound off. I saw a comment here mentioning something about replacing RESIDENT.RPF causing sirens needing to be replaced or something. Is there any way I can bring them back to normal?

    15 Oktober, 2022
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    Should add an option in the ini to disable having prespawned cops waiting for you outside the bank aswell as a way to bypass having to shoot the cameras since that doesnt really make sense to do if you're already wearing a mask

    11 Oktober, 2022
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    Should add the option to sell cars at Pay and Spray. Chop Shops would pair well with the rob mode as fair as basic crimes can go.

    23 September, 2022
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    Could you make a snub version? Another guy did but its huge af for somereason

    05 September, 2022
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    One last feature I would suggest that would make this the best Blackmarket/Chop Shop mod would be the freedom to sell any car you want whenever regardless of whether its on the list or not, HOWEVER, the catch could be is that items not on the current list go for a great deal less than those on the list, giving people more incentive to seek those out. The list cars would still be sold for the prices are now, while non-listed cars would earn between just $2,000-10,000.

    26 Ogos, 2022