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  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    The engine sound is a bit weird, but that's because of the limitations of this game, I guess.
    The vehicle itself is well done, the primary colour is the body and the secondary colour is the roof, just like in real life! 👍

    8 hari yang lalu
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    I tried to install this into mpclothes for female, but when I try to select the lowr slot where I placed this costume, it refusing to appear! 😶
    But if I install it ↓here, replacing lowr 006, it works fine, however, the number of skins is limited to just 4. It will be lower body slot 38 in-game.

    Anyway, it's interesting & good this is a puffy costume and not another addonped! ☺
    I'm not used to download Amongus contents, but I made an exception with this one.
    My rating: 2½ ★ = installing problems, the arms can clip trough the costume.

    05 Jun, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Gidoxy Use English, please.

    28 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    😶 Cons:
    ✻ No option for user defined RGB colours for the main timer bar, pre-defined colours only.
    ✻ No option to clear active effects (like in ChaosModV).
    ✻ No option to stop sound when an effect started playing something, it continues playing even when the game is paused in the background.
    ✻ No direct hotkey to start/stop chaos without opening the menu.
    ✻ Certain effects can prevent the player from opening the menu (such as the "mod menu" effect) ‒ unacceptable.
    ✻ "Helpful options" is not available if the game is not downgraded to the recommended version.
    ✻ The results of effects can remain intact even when I completely restart the game ‒ this is not good.
    ✻ Even if "run chaos at startup" is set to OFF, it will be set to ON again and it will be active when I close and restart the game. The built-in achievements system also resets itself to ON when I close and restart the game.
    ✻ Effects won't start manually despite there's a submenu for manually triggering them.

    🙂 Pros:
    ✻ Lots of unique interesting effects.

    ★★☆☆☆ ‒ lots of things needs to be improved/fixed!

    21 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    How the heck can I remove everything what effects caused??
    Also, can I disable sound?? It's still playing even when the game is paused in the background!

    20 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Laurensclothing Which legs did you used wit this? (I don't have Discord.)

    06 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @ItsJustCurtis ⚠ "Height (Elongation)" option in the "Player" category no longer works, no matter which character I am with!

    05 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    I passed as many options as possible to my other two trainers, but there's some options which are exclusive to this trainer. The result is: nothing changed, crashing, error code 37. 😑

    02 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Bizz91 I need to see what options can be done with other trainers (such as Menyoo) as an attempt to try to get rid of the problem. If I manage to somehow get 53.1 working, I'll be back here ‒ otherwise I keep using version 53 instead.

    02 Mei, 2024
  • 9dd6b6 probahardver ikon3

    @Bizz91 Hey, my airbrake hotkey is also F6! I don't know which option is that, but I use an option which automatically place the car back onto its wheels when it wants to flip over, so it can't land on its side or roof.

    30 April, 2024