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    @SylveticHearts please do it my friend. This mod has a better concept. Rewritting it with an option of re-enable phone and make it compatible with other mods is what we needed so far to make it complete.

    14 Januari, 2021
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    Can you please increase the speed for drug transfer to dealer... Its moving too slow

    23 Disember, 2020
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    Script is working fine but crashing when i teleport myself to Cayo Perico. Only at Cayo Perico..

    21 Disember, 2020
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    is this also supported for Mosley Auto Service by imnotmental? Because they kinda share same pricing tool.

    12 Disember, 2020
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    @FinnedOcean9389 thats exactly how i did as well. just delete them and it will work... the rest gets installed easily

    07 November, 2020
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    The zip file link included

    - x64a through x64w dlc and oiv packages

    - update.rpf choices oiv packages

    As i said only core mod.


    28 Oktober, 2020
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    @N8_Gamez Hi, i really like this mod. Due to the mod size and the limited storage availability in my pc, I had to delete the mod file sometimes. then i will suffer again to download it. Finally i uploaded it in my unused GDrive. Here is the link. I only manage to upload the core mod. The optional files are not included. You may share it if you like. Thanks.

    28 Oktober, 2020
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    the problem is sometimes when i heist for heist and steal the vehicle, after i lose the cops the waypoint is not showing. like no destination to go..i tried to go back to the warehouse and there is no marker there but nothing seems to be crashing where this is happening after reload the mod with insert key a couple of times, then some heists is playable successfully. this problem only occues sometimes but very annoying....all by essential plugins are updated including script hook/ dot net / native ui/ EAI to the latest version.

    sorry for my english though

    21 Jun, 2020
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    @DarRam you need latest native ui.

    17 Jun, 2020
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    Bro all your mods are fps loss like others..pretty stable on my pc..pls consider and make more bussiness mods like afterhours or executives. Love to see your versions

    16 Jun, 2020