Federal Signal Smart Siren SS2000SM ( Rumbler tones now available ) 7.0.5 Rumbler


Federal Signal Smart Siren SS2000SM by Gravelroadcop

At the time of releasing this, this is the highest quality of the Federal Signal Smart Siren 22000SM available to the community. The purity of the tones wouldn't be available if it wasn't for @nertervern, who recorded the tones using his own personal SS2000SM and professional audio recording tools. He donated the sirens to me and I was able to cut & edit them for Grand Theft Auto V. 
About this modification :
 Purest sound quality of all available Federal Signal Smart Siren mods in the LSPDFR and GTA 5 modding community.

 Available tones : Wail, Yelp, Priority, Ambulance and Air-horn.  Rumbler Wail, Yelp and Priority.

To apply this siren to any other emergency vehicle slots, you will need to refer to an attached notepad file entitled " List ( READ THIS ! )." Inside the note will contain a list of siren hashtags that you can use to rename preexisting tones to a different slot.

Installation :

Before starting, always make sure to create backups before overwriting any original game files. To prevent this from happening, use the "mod" folder method through OpenIV.

- Somewhere on your desktop, create a new folder ( or refer to your modded siren folder that contains the vehicle.oac.) Name it anything.

- Open 'OpenIV'

- In 'OpenIV', go to the 'x64' folder, then audio > sfx > resident.rpf ( Make sure you are using the "mod" folder method.)

- Inside Resident.rpf should be 16 .awc files.

- Click Edit

- Right click on vehicles.awc and export to openformats somewhere on your desktop. ( If you already have a siren mod installed, just use the vehicle folder it came with.)

- Drag all the SS2000 siren tones inside the vehicles folder that you just created.

- Go back to OpenIV, go to the 'x64' folder, then audio > sfx > resident.rpf

- CLICK EDIT - NEW - Import OpenFormats

- Navigate to the folder you put the 'vehicles' folder and the 'vehicles.oac' into, and select the modded 'Vehicles.oac'. Proceed to click OK.

- Enjoy your new Smart Siren SS2000 tones !


This siren pack is compatible with SirenMastery and ELS.

Redistribution :

You may use this mod as long as you follow these terms:

• Don't redistribute without my permission.
• Don't edit any file and redistribute it without my permission.
• I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC or game directory during a) the installation b) usage or c) removal of this mod. You are responsible for backing up your files!
• If you want to include this mod in a pack, please contact me. Clan and private packs are an exception, as long as they stay 'private'. Correct credits must be given at ALL times.

Credits :

- Federal Signal Corps. for original siren tones.
- nertervernfor recording the tones using his own personal SS2000SM siren.
- Sirens edited and optimized by Gravelroadcop.
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